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  1. support, current forums/website look pretty shit honestly in terms of RSPS.
  2. thanks for the effort and I completely agree with everything. something has to be done now before it's too late yet again.
  3. June 14th June 20th June 22th June 23rd June 15th Not sure about this stuff, Hilt & Spear June 18th I think and Staff June 21st Jar of Souls: June 20th - Jar of Chemicals: June 22th - Jar of Darkness: June 16th
  4. Staff: Best Overall: Wengs Most Professional: Wengs Best Role Model: Wengs Most Active: Wengs Most Respected: Definitely not Insta Most active In-game: Park.. Most active on Forums: Matt Players: Most Active In-game: Silence Most Active on Forums: N/a Most Wealthy: Silence but that don't really count Most Friendly: Travis Most Respected: Satan Most Helpful: I Rushin (for mod) Most Mature: Ulti Dann LUL Coolest Veteran: I Rushin Best Pker: Tdawg7568 Best PvMer: Gtgmrei Best Skiller: Fatal Floors Best Hardcore Ironman: Xx Best Ultimate Ironman: Renaissance Best Ironman: Gtgmrei Best 5x: N/a Funniest: Tema Kindest: Travis Most Annoying: Gye
  5. Agreed with new slayer master: Abyssal demons Greater demons Black demons Hell hounds Cave krakens Aviansie Dark beast Rune dragons
  6. Please take some time to update the voting toplist pages: https://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-45096-osveldahar/ The last time they were updated is when Vorkath was added. Bugs: - Auto retaliate. Once again addressing this rather annoying bug: When you try to walk somewhere and an npc attacks you, you should still keep walking to the spot you clicked on, not respond to the npc attacking you - Npc's can attack through walls - When you climb down the stairs south of the pirates hideout near mage arena you appear in the Falador mine - You can get wyverns as a slayer task without having 72 slayer yet. Should be looked into if there's more tasks that you can receive without having the slayer lvl - Teleblock should wear off once you leave the wilderness, currently it does not - Cannon only starts attacking an npc when you're in combat with the npc - Pet penance queen isn't added to Collection log when obtained Suggestions - Add Construction skill - Add Staff of Light (Staff of the dead + Saradomin's Light) - Add Spellbook filters https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/spellbook-filters-and-bounty-hunter-changes?oldschool=1&gsi=kc8suk - Add Teleport Wizard or a portal @ home - Add the Deep Wilderness Dungeon (including the monsters) where the stairs in deep wildy are supposed to go to -> Add Fire Giants to Wildy Slayer tasks - Add Goldsmith Gauntlets to vote shop and make it give bonus smithing xp - Add heblore secondaries to pest control (I.e: 10 snape grass = 5 pc points) - Add herblore secondaries to slayer shop (I.e 10 snape grass = 25 slayer points - Add right-click 'Cancel task' to slayer masters - Add unfinished and finished broad bolts to slayer shop - Add 'Player Attack options' and 'NPC Attack options' to settings - Bring back Pre-sets - Change cave bugs hp to 6 (currently 96) - Make glories lose their charges and make them chargeable at the Fountain of rune
  7. tyty good that you're being consistent with the updates