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  1. support, current forums/website look pretty shit honestly in terms of RSPS.
  2. Staff: Best Overall: Wengs Most Professional: Wengs Best Role Model: Wengs Most Active: Wengs Most Respected: Definitely not Insta Most active In-game: Park.. Most active on Forums: Matt Players: Most Active In-game: Silence Most Active on Forums: N/a Most Wealthy: Silence but that don't really count Most Friendly: Travis Most Respected: Satan Most Helpful: I Rushin (for mod) Most Mature: Ulti Dann LUL Coolest Veteran: I Rushin Best Pker: Tdawg7568 Best PvMer: Gtgmrei Best Skiller: Fatal Floors Best Hardcore Ironman: Xx Best Ultimate Ironman: Renaissance Best Ironman: Gtgmrei Best 5x: N/a Funniest: Tema Kindest: Travis Most Annoying: Gye
  3. Agreed with new slayer master: Abyssal demons Greater demons Black demons Hell hounds Cave krakens Aviansie Dark beast Rune dragons
  4. Please take some time to update the voting toplist pages: https://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-45096-osveldahar/ The last time they were updated is when Vorkath was added. Bugs: - Auto retaliate. Once again addressing this rather annoying bug: When you try to walk somewhere and an npc attacks you, you should still keep walking to the spot you clicked on, not respond to the npc attacking you - Npc's can attack through walls - When you climb down the stairs south of the pirates hideout near mage arena you appear in the Falador mine - You can get wyverns as a slayer task without having 72 slayer yet. Should be looked into if there's more tasks that you can receive without having the slayer lvl - Teleblock should wear off once you leave the wilderness, currently it does not - Cannon only starts attacking an npc when you're in combat with the npc - Pet penance queen isn't added to Collection log when obtained Suggestions - Add Construction skill - Add Staff of Light (Staff of the dead + Saradomin's Light) - Add Spellbook filters https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/spellbook-filters-and-bounty-hunter-changes?oldschool=1&gsi=kc8suk - Add Teleport Wizard or a portal @ home - Add the Deep Wilderness Dungeon (including the monsters) where the stairs in deep wildy are supposed to go to -> Add Fire Giants to Wildy Slayer tasks - Add Goldsmith Gauntlets to vote shop and make it give bonus smithing xp - Add heblore secondaries to pest control (I.e: 10 snape grass = 5 pc points) - Add herblore secondaries to slayer shop (I.e 10 snape grass = 25 slayer points - Add right-click 'Cancel task' to slayer masters - Add unfinished and finished broad bolts to slayer shop - Add 'Player Attack options' and 'NPC Attack options' to settings - Bring back Pre-sets - Change cave bugs hp to 6 (currently 96) - Make glories lose their charges and make them chargeable at the Fountain of rune
  5. tyty good that you're being consistent with the updates