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  1. Congratulations both, thanks to Elpsu for everything he’s done.
  2. Oh I'm like a kid at Christmas! Fantastic updates, fixes, and QoL's.
  3. Evening OS-Veldahar! Hopefully this poll works! The staff team have been having a discussion today regarding the new PVP armours & weapons recently introduced into the game, those being morrigans, status, vesta, and zuriels. We thought it would be best to get a community vote on the matter, as the staff team only account for a small percentage of players currently. Most of the staff team feel it would be better for the server if they would degrade completely. The reasons for this are; Over time there will be a mass amount of money ingame, meaning repairing the items becomes cheap in comparison - so ultimately increasing how much they cost to repair will become meaning less. The wilderness will stay active, or at least more active than before as we've already witnessed Keeps the prices relatively high given they are BIS for most things other than raids It'll keep GWD bosses like Armadyl and Bandos relevant If the poll is to pass, we'd look at increasing the drop rate of the items, so they aren't quite as difficult to get, however still maintaining the rarity. We’d also increase the durability by a good amount. However if you do vote no, we'd ask you to give the staff team a reason behind why you've said no. Regards, The Staff Team
  4. Hi

    Welcome back Sonic
  5. Good suggestions, agree with community events and updating out banners on the voting sites with accurate information. As for the staff and game mode icons, I somewhat agree.. although we have a ::setrank command, and now that the issues with ranks and PC points has been fixed, i think staff should be using their staff icons in game. (other than @Wengs who’s colour of horrendous)
  6. These are some naughty updates, thanks Matt. Great work.
  7. Staff: Best Overall - Park Most Professional - Matt Best Role Model - Insta Most Active - HALP Most Respected - Matt Most active In-game - Silence Most active on Forums - Park Players: Most Active In-game - Ulti Dann Most Active on Forums - Most Wealthy - Silence Most Friendly - Welsfargo Most Respected - Rena Most Helpful - Corbo Most Mature - Coolest Veteran - Gye Best Pker - Gye Best PvMer - Gtgmrei Best Skiller - Shops Best Hardcore Ironman - Corbo Best Ultimate Ironman - Rena Best Ironman - Gtgmrei Best 5x - Meneer Naab Funniest - Ulti Dann Kindest - Corbo Most Annoying - Iron Carbz
  8. Another staff member... :omegalul:
  9. The heard fresh air is good, post 4.4B
  10. Corporeal Beast is end-game content. Look at the 1000's of hours someone like MmorpgRS spends getting kills on OSRS 10-12 minutes, with 10 minutes of that as prep (BGS/ARC) Corp isn't suppose to be easy, nor fast.. Cool QOL's and fixes Matt.
  11. Hello and welcome to the server my man!
  12. http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/ I'd like the items I gave you, to refresh your memory I have them listed below; Amulet of Torture Dragon Boots Berserker Ring Bandos Tassets Abyssal Bludgeon
  13. Ya’ll think I’m joking? The prick stole 70M+ OSRS gp from me.
  14. Feel free to give me my 70M OSRS gp back.
  15. Anyone has any worse than the below?
  16. Congratulations Conor, I'll come down for the birth x
  17. Scuffed promotion of Wengs, he's been helper for a week. Congratulations @Allbymyself thoroughly deserved and worked for.
  18. Bye

    Something tells me you quitting will be good for the server. Goodbye.