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  1. To be fair I didn't have any faith in Matt previous resets and it proved right however this seems different, If he keeps on top of the updates osv might actually get somewhere and instead of cramming content down players throats there should be huge QOL fixes such as pathing and polishing some bosses like zulrah and vorkath. For any reason Matt goes MIA again then obviously it gonna die, advertisements that is a big one for private servers, players dont appear out of thin air they find it out from advertisements and I'm not talking about any of those shit money grab youtubers who make a quick video and leave @fpk merk Adverts like banners like you said need to happen and actually show off the good content and not 5 year old content.
  2. Hi

    Remember when you quit cause ur mode got ruined, this guy is real edgy keep an eye on him
  3. Etika is on my mind

  4. Gnome Intro

    Hi, I'm the best player to ever grace os-veldahar don't be mean to me.
  5. Dying doesn't mean you finished it A good series would be an ark survival series
  6. Natsuki my favourite player better come back :D

  7. Make a series which you actually finish
  8. Kill count of drop added to broadcast?
  9. It's dead, your money is wasted deal with it
  10. There isn't much that's going to improve I think we all know this by now, money has been made once again therefore the server will be left alone to die whether there is going to be another reset or a complete shutdown you can't really tell anymore due to staff saying "This will be the last time" but the consistency Matt has had at doing these resets just to gain some extra money. Call it a business to make money all you want but there's no denying that a successful server comes from interacting and being involved with the community and there has been none of this from Matt. I check on osv forums every now and then and I see updates every 7-10 days maybe and the updates are like 7 lines of fixes and not even content. Comparing this with other servers at the moment it doesn't really make sense and it seems like Matt doesn't want this server to grow so do yourself a favour and stop wasting your money and time. I'm sure a lot of people can relate