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  1. I do not think we can put the entire blame on Matt for this one. This reset had more toxic people than i've seen in previous years, people were trolling players who joined, told them we were resetting from the start, telling them Matt never updated, (which he was doing at the time, updates every few days) etc. Which made quite a few of them leave, so in short, basically players drove away players. There's a few reasons to why we failed, and advertisements as previously spoken about was one of them, but not because there was a lack of trying. (In short, Matt had a big problem trying to get youtubers to work with us, they stopped replying to his messages etc.) My personal opinion is; We've been a eco server for a few years now, we've had success, and we have had our downfalls. I personally do not think a eco server is worth giving another go, as it has not turned out as well in the past as we all have hoped. I would like us to change the direction of Os-veldahar, and bring back Os-PvP. Again, this is just my personal opinion.
  2. Goooood updates as usual
  3. second season of Final space hasn't been as good as the first season so far :(

  4. Good suggestion, is very easy to do & is a nice Qol
  5. Great updates as usual
  6. Staff: Best Overall; Wengs Most Professional; Matt Best Role Model; Insta Most Active; Silence Most Respected; Matt Most active In-game; Halp Most active on Forums Players: Most Active In-game; Halp Most Active on Forums Most Wealthy; Silence Most Friendly; Renaissance Most Respected; Satan Most Helpful - Most Mature - Coolest Veteran; Renaissance Best Pker; Gye (rip) Best PvMer; Gtgmrei Best Skiller; Silence Best Hardcore Ironman; Insta Best Ultimate Ironman; Travis/Travie Best Ironman; Gtgmrei Best 5x - Funniest - Kindest - Vuurvlam Most Annoying; Ulti dann
  7. Cannot load OSV

    Try updating java, delete old os-v caches & redownload the client.
  8. make a series where u try to get good cus u are pretty bad
  9. This would be cool, something that should be looked into. The question is vague ish, but I reckon you mean the kc itself will be added to the global broadcast, such as the following [Lootations] "Park" recived "1x Bandos chestplate" at "252 kc" edit; it'd also be neat if the collection log would tell you all the kill countss you recived the items if you click on it as demonstrated in the gif, though I am not sure it is possible. Like, (You recived 1x armadyl chestplate on killcount 21, 48, 104, 2834934343, 98594859485, 9594875347483974
  10. yaaaa yeeeeet

    1. j monster

      j monster

      hey park, its been awhile but i request a reinstatement of my rank. let me know itf your on to help me on this matter? i want to get back into grinding my ironman


  11. hit the dab like wiz khalifa

    1. vuurvlam


      don´t get this….sorry what u mean by this or that

  12. Whats going on bro.


  14. park ive been trying to get a reach of you??? told you my ingame name already and everything........... ingame name is iron monster.  its been almost 2 weeks since i requested your help on this matter man? At least tell me whats going on so i dont have to anticipate anything. i mean ive message you like more than 10 times by now.