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    Named myself after MF DOOM, but people assume its mother fucker. I'll be either.


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    Java Development, PhotoShop editing, creating my own little servers.


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  1. Could my name please be changed back to "MF" - Maty changed it to that for me a long time ago. 

  2. Just got a smouldering stone from a hellhound, lmfao.
  3. What if I started streaming? Does anyone think it would help growth? I could stream on hitbox, or youtube. Just an idea, but I used to stream actual osrs on twitch for a time. I only want to if it would benefit the server.

    1. Gnome


      No it wouldn't help at all the only thing that would help would be constant updates and advertisements, no doubt these will stop once the server dies down a bit.

    2. MF_


      @Gnome sadly...

    3. Iron 90

      Iron 90

      if anything dont do hitbox, its dead and i think bought out , so if you do try youtube

  4. Since I dont see this either, I'll post my dag supreme pet.
  5. Just got the imbued heart from a crawling hand superior. I don't see it on here, so I figured I would post it.
  6. Seriously who could not be hyped about it being back. I've missed this family of ours so damn much. I was beyond fortunate enough being able to beta test with you guys before we went live. Thank you once again. I cannot wait to continue grinding.