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  1. 1. impatiently waiting for that halloween event. x)

    2. love and miss you all. i hope to see more of everyone soon once we have nightmare in the game, seems like thats not far away either. <3


  2. hello hey hi heyllo everyone, hope everybody is doin' good and being being safe with all this crazy shit going on. love and miss all of you <3

  3. Today was a great day for me on the server all because I got promoted to moderator. So happy to be able to help my community in any way that is needed. Thank you all  for your support, it means the world to me.

  4. I have no idea how I didn't see this reintroduction until now. I'm happy you have returned and very happy we have became more acquainted and are now friends. I can't wait to see what achievements you accomplish! Welcome back, bro.
  5. hello hey hi heyllo

  6. Woo, this seems like a great update! Fantastic work as usual, Matt.
  7. Awesome update, have been wanting DKS added to collection log. Glad to see it being updated again.
  8. Sounds great, thank you!
  9. I appreciate the vouch so much brother.
  10. Thank you so much, Richard. That made me smile lol. I'm glad someone appreciates my help. 🖤
  11. Username: MF Time online (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/281876bbf42c17eba2bd02bb444704e3 (I've always been playing since late 2015 to now so I have a lot more actual played time.) Timezone: Central Standard Time What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: Honesty: Nobody likes a staff member they cant trust, honestly is a main trait all staff members should have, if you can't trust a staff member on here, then who would you be able to trust? Very, very important trait in my opinion that's needed. Communication: Such an important trait for a staff member, needed so you can help out everyone who needs help. I know this server like the back of my hand, since ive been here since 2016, so I should be able to help anyone with issues they are having. If not, I can tell higher up staff members so they can help lol. Passion: Feel its very important to have passion to want to help the new players or noob players. If it's not obviously, I am so beyond passionate for this server, been playing 4, going on 5 years now. It's also all I play whilst the servers are on. Truthfulness: Nobody trusts a staff member they can't trust to not lie. I promise with my whole heart that I will be truthful about everything. Nobody doesn't like a staff member they can't trust. Commitment to OS-V: Probably biggest one for me. This has been my favorite rsps since 2016, I feel like I know every little thing about the game and would be able to help anybody with any questions they have. How many hours can you play a day: anywhere between 6-15 hours a day, currently unemployed so I would basically treat this like its my job hahaha. Previous Experience: I believe I'm still a staff member on a server called BadKush that I was playing last year for a long while, mainly for OS-V to come back. There have been other servers I have been staff on, I just can't really remember what servers they were, since OS-V is the only server I play nowadays, and I've gotten addicted to it all over again, just like I knew I would. I feel I could be a great addition for the team, I'm a very easy learner and went to vocational school for Java, JS, HTML&CSS, as well as most adobe applications like Photoshop and Illistrator. <3 Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?: I feel like I would be suitable for this position of Helper. I've asked more than once to ask to volunteer and help this game out, since I've basically been here for 4 years, I feel I know the whole server like the back of my hand. Im have previous staff experience on several other servers and everyone seems to say I do a great job as a helper/mod/etc. I've been helper or mod on so many servers, then took a hiatus so, sadly, I cannot really remember any of the server's names except Badkush, which I still believe never removed my staff role lmao, but I don't play it anymore. Another reason I feel I would be suitable for the position because when OS-V is online, it is the ONLY server I play, hell tbh its practically he ONLY game I play while its on hahaha. Are there any issues we should know about?: Absolutely zero issues, I just would love to finally be a helper on my favorite server of all times, I've been here for ages and theres other people who could vouch for me
  12. This is all awesome, great update after great update, thank you Matt!
  13. Could my name please be changed back to "MF" - Maty changed it to that for me a long time ago. 

  14. Seriously who could not be hyped about it being back. I've missed this family of ours so damn much. I was beyond fortunate enough being able to beta test with you guys before we went live. Thank you once again. I cannot wait to continue grinding.