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  1. Suggestion title: Drop table changes for Abyssal demon and Demonic gorilla Suggestion long description: Since drop table for a single npc has cap of 5 different sections (tables), I am proposing to remove 1:1 (always) table section from both Abyssal demon and Demonic gorilla drop tables (in both cases it is ashes) in order to include another section (table) instead and to rebalance the whole drop table for above mentioned npcs in general. What I propose it to move Abyssal whip (Abyssal demon) and Zenyte shard (Demonic gorilla) to their own new drop table sections, where there would not be any additional item to share the same drop table section with. The reasoning behind it is that if you hit a certain section of drop table with 1 item, you will be guaranteed to receive that item as long as you hit the table. As for now, for example, you may land on the section of the table for the item you desire, but because there are a few other items in it, the chance gets slimmer. Because of this it quite often makes some items in OSV to be rarer than they are on OSRS. Perfect examples are Abyssal demons and Demonic gorillas. In OSRS Abyssal whip and Zenyte shard have their own tables (1:512 and 1:300). Yet on OSV the real chance for these items are 1:490 and 1:285, because they share the table section with other items. I Suggestion additional information: Suggested changes:
  2. Staff: Best Overall: Park Most Professional: Halp Best Role Model: Halp Most Active: none Most Respected: Park Most active In-game: none Most active on Forums: Wengs Players: Most Active In-game: none Most Active on Forums: none Most Wealthy: Silence Most Friendly: Mythical Most Respected: Travis Most Helpful: none Most Mature: Travis Coolest Veteran: Gtgmrei Best Pker: none Best PvMer: none Best Skiller: none Best Hardcore Ironman: Gnome Best Ultimate Ironman: Precision Best Ironman: Gtgmrei Best 5x: none Funniest: Gnome Kindest: none Most Annoying: none
  3. It would really make sense if ironman mode players could buy bronze - rune pickaxes as they could have since ages in runescape and osrs.
  4. I agree that the drop rate should be significantly lowered for obsidian armor pieces. I also agree that obsidian armor would be added to the tokkul shop, as is in osrs.
  5. *Old tread bump* Together with upcomming server restart, may aswel change the look of the client. If the one at the top is suitable, feel free to use it. @Matt
  6. Back in June a competition was launched for OSV client background (Myth's Guild themed). Unfortunately it was abandoned and forgotten. Basically I just want to share the files (and where to place them) if any will want to refresh a client. 1. >> Move and replace 12 files in C:\Users\User\.OSVCache\Sprites\loginscreen\2015 2. >> Move and replace 1 file in C:\Users\User\.OSVCache\Sprites\loginscreen\general *Preview how it should look if placed correctly*
  7. After all OS-V did run for a decent amount of time when you think. The end in some form had to happen as it always looked unavoidable. It's a pity it has to end like this and I know most of us have mixed feelings, but in the long run it was a really enjoyable journey together with all of you
  8. I will keep it short. @Matt I completely understand that life responsibilities comes first, it is natural that every single each of us are busy in some way or another. However, in my opinion, that is not an excuse for lack of transparency and communication between you and community. There is a feature on forums to see who has been online in past 24 hours, I rarely see your name on the list. I can not imagine you did not had time in a month to reach out to community / players. There are some very dedicated players that keep supporting OS-V no matter what, which is admirable. It is a shame to let a server go like this and it seems that you do not care that much about it. I've lost my faith after sticking around for several years, so did many others. And that is ,I believe, a main reason why people do not stay for a long time.
  9. Good idea However, if new players had to register via forums before they were able to log in into the game, it would prevent majority of bots coming into the server
  10. Nothing much to add really. However it would be nice to hear from Matt himself and his thoughts, instead of hearing bits from staff members. Moreover, might as well consider selling the OS-V project to someone else.
  11. Actually I agree with everything you mentioned. Most importantly, new developer should be hired because clearly Matt can not keep up for the reasons you mentioned. There is alot room for improvement, quite some bugs too. To be fair I think that we have been outdeveloped by other servers quite some time ago, so it is natural if players prefer other private servers.
  12. Like this: (Sorry for double posting, unable to edit my previous message)
  13. If that is technically achievable then it would be great. Otherwise some non-functional spell could be removed so the order of other spells would not be changed. For example level-3 'Confuse' could be removed because it's not coded properly in OSV, and place level-1 'Wind Strike' instead
  14. Suggestion title: Donator zone teleport in spellbook Suggestion long description: Having in mind that ::dz (donator zone) teleportation command is used almost as frequent as ::home or alternatively home teleport spell in magic spellbook, I am suggesting to add additional free or charge spell to all spelbooks that would teleport you to donator zone. On the other hand, it would be interesting to hear if this is needed at all. Suggestion additional information: Link for png file: https://ibb.co/g0f6Ex