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  1. Thanks for the support, but i think satan is a good helper
  2. Username: Protocol Time online (screenshot): This is currently my time played, but i have played many of hours of the past resets. Timezone: GMT What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: Communication/Listening: I think this is one of the most important qualities a staff member should hold. As a staff member your communication skills are crucial, with good communication it will allow you to influence others. Furthermore good communication skills allows you to make new friends and come across as a friendly person. Passion/Commitment: Secondly i have chosen passion/commitment as one of the 5 qualities because a staff team love a person that does more than what they are asked of, and whats required from them. Everyone like the person that goes above and beyond for everyone just because they like too. A staff member who is passionate about what they do is great, they will naturally put in their best efforts without noticing because its something he likes. Also a person with his best interests for the server makes sure everyone feels welcome and feels like there at home when playing. Integrity: No staff team wants someone who they cant trust or rely on. You need to have somebody that is honest and trustworthy because then the other staff members have one less thing to worry about if a situation occurs. You need a staff member that is honest about every situation so issues can get solved quickly between other players. Creative: A staff team need someone that is also very creative because this means they can help out and come up with even more ideas for the future. Creative people always think outside the box and suggest better/alternative solutions to problems that have occurred. I also think that creative staff members always have a broader outlook and approach at challenging problems, this may result in them being solved quicker. Lastly they are always enthusiastic to learn, and are never scared to try something new.# Knowledgeable: Lastly i would say one key quality for a good staff member is that they are knowledge able, this is because when being ask questions about the game or in general about the server they would need to know think, otherwise them being a "Helper" is useless. Also this is required for new players because they will need the staff's help with questions and without a staff member that is knowledgeable about the server they might become bored and quit because they don't know how to do certain things. How many hours can you play a day: I can play between 6-8 hours a day during the week due to work, and on weekends 8+ hours a day. Also i play everyday during the week, and most days on weekends unless something comes up i need to tend to. Previous Experience: I haven't really had any, but i feel like this is the only server I've been committed too and know lots of details about and can help the most. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I think i am suitable for this position because i am already going out of my way to help people without even having the role because its what i love to do, I always try and help people out and answer their questions because i feel like i have good social skills so i get along with everybody. Also i think i am suitable for this role because when i enjoy something, i always put 100% into whatever it may be and try be the best version of me their is. On another note i would say i am a very passionate towards this server because i have watched this server change and grow to what it is today, so helping the new players and making sure they enjoy their time playing this game is what i strive to do. Also i would say i am quite knowledgeable about this server because i have played for a long time, and can help a lot of new players with their questions and troubles. Are there any issues we should know about?: There may be one issue, if Part or Matt could message me we could discuss this. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application, Best wishes. ~ Protocol
  3. Pk event!

    Great events guys, looking forward to see what others there are in the future!
  4. Nice work matt, great update keep it up.
  5. Pest Control Event

    looking forward to it!
  6. Vouch, super friendly dude always helping out the cc