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  1. would be sick to get bottomless bucket as well so we can be even more lazy :~)
  2. Updated 25.6.2019 - Added 200M Defence, Herbi pet, Zamorakian spear drop.
  3. Updated 25.6.2018 - Added Imbued heart drop.
  4. Updated 25.6.2019 - Added Zulrah pet, Craw's bow, Cerberus pet, Draconic visage, Penance pet, Zamorak hilt + spear, Staff of the dead, Jar of souls + chemicals + darkness drop.
  5. Updated 24.6.2019 - Added KBD pet, 200M Magic, Infernal cape, Dragon pickaxe, Occult necklace drop.
  6. Updated 24.6.2018 - Added Jar of darkness, Abyssal head, Tyrannical ring, Craw's bow, Thammaron's sceptre, Amulet of avarice, 200M HP.
  7. Updated 24.6.2019 - Added Bandos tassets drop, Dragonbone necklace, Magic fang, Dragon warhammer, Skotizo pet, Jar of Decay, Primordial crystal drop.
  8. Updated 23.6.2019 - Added Bandos chestplate, Zenyte shard, Armadyl chestplate, Rock golem, Tangleroot, Bandos boots, Serpentine visage, Bandos pet, Dragon chainbody drop.
  9. Updated 23.6.2018 - Added Scythe of vitur, Trident of the seas, Draconic visage, 200m strength, Skotos pet.
  10. Updated 23.6.2019 - Added Phoenix pet, Venenatis pet, 200M Defence and HP, Maxed, Magma mutagen, Arcane scroll, Dexterous scroll, Elder maul drop.
  11. Updated 17.6.2019 - Added Rift guardian pet.
  12. Updated 16.6.2019 - Added Trident of the seas, Abyssal whip drop.
  13. You need to post screenshot for proof. Updated 16.6.2019 - Added Tanzanite fang, Abyssal head, Smouldering stone, Imbued heart drop, 200m Magic & Strength, Rock golem pet.
  14. Heres the potential rewards you can get from Brimstone chest: Common Table x35 Uncut diamond x35 Uncut ruby x300 Coal x100,000 Coins x150 Gold Ore x50 Adamantite bar x2 Rune full helm x2 Rune platebody x2 Rune platelegs x50 Raw anglerfish x50 Raw dark crab x100 Raw manta ray x100 Raw shark x150 Dragon arrow tips Uncommon Table x50 Runite ore x50 Runite bar x75 Adamantite ore x200 Redwood log x5000 Pure essence x200 Dragon dart tip Rare Table x5 Magic seed x10 Torstol seed x10 Snapdragon seed x10 Ranarr seed x1 Dragon hasta Very Rare Table 1x Mystic hat (dusk) x1 Mystic robe top (dusk) x1 Mystic robe bottom(dusk) x1 Mystic gloves (dusk) x1 Mystic boots (dusk)
  15. Updated 15.6.2019 - Added Pest Control pet drop.