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  1. Make the Tome of Fire actually give a damage boost to fire spells, and add Wrath Runes/Surge spells as in OSRS.
  2. Yes they do. Whenever it says the [CHRISTMAS] Event message in chat.
  3. he gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya, he gon' skrrt then

  4. Starting log from 120 raids in; Total Raids Completed (As of last update): 414 Drops so far Dexterous Prayer Scroll: 6 Arcane Prayer Scroll: 12 Ancestral Robe Top: 2 Ancestral Robe Bottom: 3 Dragon Sword: 1 Dinh's Bulwark: 1 Screenshots [Insert image of another Dex I forgot to take] [Insert image of another Robe Bottom I forgot to take]
  5. Suggestion title: Add the ability to upgrade the Trident of the Seas, and Trident of the Swamp. Suggestion long description: In OSRS, the Trident of the Seas and Trident of the Swamp can be upgraded, for the cost of 10 Kraken Tentacles, to store 20,000 charges up from 2500. I believe that we should also have the ability to upgrade these tridents. Perhaps not for the Kraken Tentacle cost (Although this would make them very few and far between, and highly sought after). Possibly following the path of ring imbues and have a Blood Money cost attached to this.
  6. Get rid of the current bunch of in-actives, or at the very least give somebody that actually logs in helper at minimum for kick ability. RNG Please, Dollarydoos, Swinekills, Myself etc. We just need somebody with kick ability/any staff presence at all other than when Insta has a bit of free time.
  7. Suggestion title: Add Gnome Ball to OS-V Suggestion long description: I suggest adding Gnome Ball to OS-V. Not only would this be a fun activity to bring people together, but also passively gaining a little bit of experience along the way. Functionality would be the same as OSRS; "Ranged experience is gained each time you throw the ball, you get Ranged and Agility experience when you score a goal too." On the pitch, you will discover that you have three new game options. They are: Pass - This allows you to pass to your gnome teammates, who will be wearing green. Tackle - Choosing this option will allow you to tackle a gnome on the opposing team. Shoot - This gives you the ability to shoot at the goal. When you reach five points you win, and get a 25 experience bonus. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) First - 4 Agility, Ranged experience. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) Second - 5 Agility, Ranged experience. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) Third - 6 Agility, Ranged experience. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) Fourth - 7 Agility, Ranged experience. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) Fifth - 5 Agility, Ranged experience, plus bonus. (Adjusted by experience multiplier) Suggestion additional information: This could also be another way to introduce some cosmetics into the game such as Gnome Scarves, Gnome Hats and other random items.
  8. Make a boss that drops the best defensive shield in the game easier and more profitable? No support.
  9. Mage bank pathing around the webs/levers is dreadful.
  10. Suggestion title: Add the Ancient Mace to the game. Suggestion long description: As a relatively small server with a fairly low risk of dying in the Wilderness already, I propose that the Ancient Mace is introduced to the game. As in OSRS, this weapon would require; An Attack level of 15. A Prayer level of 25. With stats between the Black and Mithril Mace; 10+ Stab -2 Slash +16 Crush With a +14 Strength bonus and +3 Prayer The Special Attack of this weapon would also function as it does in OSRS, using 100% of the Special Attack energy bar. Hitting through Protect from Melee, the special attack drains the opponent's Prayer points equal to the amount of damage dealt while restoring your own for the same amount. Suggestion additional information: I suggest that this either becomes added the the drop table of Wilderness Boss(es) or added to the Blood Money or Emblem store as it is primarily a PvP themed weapon.