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  1. Bye

    You asked for feedback on what's wrong with the server, I type it out, complete backlash, I wonder why there have been so many resets, you're literally defending it as it's dying again, stay class OSV, tell me how that next reset goes
  2. Bye

    "You can't have a heavy pvm based economy, and place all the pvm gear inside the boxes" Sorry you couldn't deduce that yourself sherlock holmes Have had 0 problems with gnome as well, just dislike the sarcasm instead of actually wanting to improve, never mentioned matt caring about money either, I said he hasn't patched votes because it still raises advertisement, we just haven't gotten rewarded, none of those are connected to him making money directly, stop acting like you're someone
  3. Bye

    Last reset I played we had 150 players on for the first two weeks and it immediately dipped to the same 50 players online everyday with a minority storing the economies items for themselves. This is tried and true. If you want advice, for starters stop outlining a server meant for a larger player base when you don't even get 100 consistently. Focus on fixing the small problems that turn new players away from the game before they can actually enjoy it instead of asking for feedback on new donator ranks. I've heard the same advertisement and update scheme for 3 years, "Matt is working hard on this, Matt has been looking into that," here's a microscopic example that you can interpret for how this entire server is being treated. Voting has been down for 3-4 days and every time it is brought up, all we get is a "Matt is working on it," guarantee if the donation link or ::claimpayment had bugged, it would be fixed within two hours, but the staff keep preaching to us that we're advertising this time, and that youtubers were brought in, yet it's taking half a fucking week for us to even be able to vote properly. He has no reason to fix it because the votes still count, but who cares if our rewards are given or not. Also, you can't make a heavy pvm economy based server, then put all the fucking pvm gear in mystery boxes. It defeats the entire purpose, the only mode I could even see being enjoyable is ironman because at least you have some value to what you've actually worked toward. Pathing is still god awful, the combat script is atrocious to say the least, there are constantly lagging hits or no hits at all, even trying to buy items from the store is a hassle because half the time it won't even click. These aren't new problems, these are things that I've seen people request to be fixed over and over. All these underlying problems that a new player comes face to face with just trying to get comfortable with the server makes it feel disgustingly neglected. Instead of taking a little downtime between every reset and then throwing it back up there with a few new ideas, take what you've learned from the numorous failed attempts and actually develop the server and allow it to reach full potential before sending it out again. Every reset we're told this is the last one, but it's not because three years of experience has left us all with the same answer as to why the server dies off. You hype it up and come in with new ideas that you expect to completely revamp it, a large initial player base comes, checks it out, realizes that literally nothing has been fixed and that your solution to fixing the server is out the fucking window, any new players quit, and the older players stick around until it dies out again. Rinse and repeat, we all know it's true, don't come at me saying I haven't been paying attention, people give you feedback and ideas, it's just never actually taken into consideration. Your sarcastic tone might as well be gone as well, you're asking for help, but when someone is genuinely upset about the game, you just sit there and laugh. Joke of a staff member you are.
  4. Bye

    No desire to play a server that makes no effort to improve. 3 years of trial and error that consistently goes into the toilet. Love this server more than any I've ever played, but nothing is being done. Goodbye
  5. Huge Congratz man, mega jealous
  6. Definitely couldn't hurt, gives more incentive to donate as well +1
  7. Hopefully I get my BP soon
  8. Hey i'm Lestic.

    Welcome man, gotta warn you though, this server is addictive
  9. Congratulations on the promotion man!
  10. Started back today, 19 pest control games in, I get my first new friend