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  1. We just need some active staff around + Matt needs to hire a coder if he doesn't have time to code hisself. We need some updates with the newest features that'll let a lot of new players join our amazing game!
  2. This is a nice idea, but I'd do the increase drop rate on random bosses. Example: Someone put 50M in the WOGW Corp has now increased drop rates. Someone put 50m in the WOGW Arma has now increased drop rates. when it hits the increased drop rate perk roll a random boss so people PVM together.
  3. nice idea, I like this one. + people will vote more for those rewards!
  4. what if I stacked em in my bank? This is a great suggestion but we need a server reset for this to happen
  5. People will abuse this for free super boxes.. giving it free after 24 hrs isn't smart
  6. Almost 2 weeks later still no answer .. @Park
  7. Congratulations! you're officially a NERD now haha! I'm happy you've achieved your goal my friend. good luck on new goals! -Onyx
  8. Drop rates are different on higher ranks = higher chance >_< Anyways nice guide
  9. Nice progress Insta, can't wait on the next episode
  10. Suggestion title: Move "New Players" Suggestion long description: Since there is a bot attack with new players to crash the server I'd like to suggest to move the "new player login" to a tutorial island or somewhere else like relekka etc people can't reach home when there are 170 players @ home. So till you guys fix this change the spawn of new players since that's way easier to code.
  11. I was doing saradomin then the server dced, items lost: Dragon hunter crossbow, Arma chain skirt, Ranger boots, dragon darts (1k+ I don't know exact amount ) Ruby bolts (E) and some other stuff I can't remember X_X
  12. Sale @ pos, selling dex scroll + Dragon hunter cbow + ancestral top !! pm me in game - onyx version
  13. Welcome, have fun on your road to max!
  14. Thanks for the update Matt, but I just got back home. logged into OS-V the first thing I see in 10 min: 3 prayer scroll drops? like is it now a common drop or something lmao..