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  1. stfu noobs im king and yall peasants ass bitches

  2. I'm out.

    cya staff team l00l00ll matt udid gr8 men
  3. Adios

    OSV CLOSED!??!?!?!!
  4. osv is dead accept its fate it cant be revived
  5. fengi is a paggot and my tb slave

  6. killing pengi on minecraft

  7. wengs is not nice

    1. Indian


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  8. Very well said, you are right about the community manager, there was one back in 2015 I believe and there should be one appointed again, preferably an old player who knows alot about the server
  9. Suggestion title: prayer swapping option: Suggestion long description: basically what this means is that you can swap augury and rigour between eagle eye and mystic might, this will be very nice because it wont mess up your muscle memory if you can toggle this https://gyazo.com/e897aba5b4cc13c289d4fa387e0ed50a - you will be able to swap around the 4 prayers, also on 07 on konduit client Suggestion additional information: x
  10. Prayer scrolls

    Hello PARK or MATT so uhh i got a arcane prayer scroll from olm, (already had one read so i could use augury) then i read it for fun and it just consumes it, whilst it should say: you've already learnt this prayer spell. So i basically got scammed for a scroll, can you refund and fix this please?
  11. hahaha bad updates still have no tbow nice updates
  12. imagine crying over 4m zzzzz
  13. ok then ushouldve never got scammed 70m