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  1. nice job listening to my qol ty, keep good updates and get player base going now and u'll be set 4 life
  2. *more pictures added soon* Suggestion title: QOL batch & bugs Suggestion additional information: QOL SECTION So since Matt added the special orb bar, it kinda felt unnatural because the orbs and xp bar is different. So what would be nice is a more runelite overview shown here: A xp bar rework would also be nice, giving it the 07 look, this one kind of feels outdated and very simply coded Add the option to swap the rigour/augury prayer with the eagle eye and mystic might prayer, its way nicer that way, or maybe just switch the whole prayer tab like you can do on runelite, it messes up with muscle memory when im using augury and rigour after a long time of using eagle eye & mystic might and im sure more people dislike it as well. (can't show it anymore on runelite because jagex disabled that feature, but it is really handy) https://gyazo.com/d14d995d2339c8f0ceb41400c517b87a > How the xp bar and xp gain should look like > How the position of the special, run, prayer, hp, xp, and compass should look like. These minor changes would give it a more osrs look and perhaps attract new players Since birdhouses and tree farming was introduced, there have been timers on the screen in the right lower corner, however if you were to relog, the timer is gone and you don't know when the tree will be fully grown unless you go to that tree and click on it. The birdhouses should have a timer as well so you can know when it's finished, because sometimes when you are skilling, and the game/all chat filter gets spammed, you might not see when the birdhouses are done. Presets - Presets are very nice because you can gear up in literally a second, however you can't use them outside edgeville. Im suggesting that you can also use them in the ::dz so you don't have to go to edgeville all the time. Also, presets should have the option to save your current inventory + equipment, so you don't have to make the presets yourselves, which is pretty handy to have and I'm sure people would love that. EDIT: Add ironmen to the normal gwd chambers and perhaps other ironman-only group instanced spots - I know that ironmen need like x% of total damage in order to get the kill, but it would be a nice interaction to have both normals and ironmen pvm together, because there are some ways you can boss together, for instance doing boss kills in rotation (ironman takes first kill, then normal, then ironman etc.). But they should still have their own instanced room, but this option would be nice because the majority of the server is ironman and it's kind of boring to do pvming alone without some interaction between players. BUGS SECTION The ranged/magic attack pathing is very weird, when you are standing still from a distance and are attacking something, like cerberus, if you 1. click again or 2. drink a potion/eat food and then click again, you will be pathed next to the cerberus, which is definitely a bug. Another bug: the combat style options - When you for example use a whip on controlled style (you get atk str def hp xp), then switch over to a blowpipe a similar ranged weapon, it uses the attack style that was last used (controlled), which is very annoying especially at demonic gorillas, because you have to be changing weapons very often. This could be fixed by making the weapon save its last combat style. So what I mean by that is when you use a whip on controlled, it stays controlled even though you switched to another weapon and back. The weapon that was switched to should have a "saved attack style" as well, so if a bow was used on rapid mode, it should stay rapid even after switching to another weapon and back, and if you were to switch back to that one weapon, it should have the attack style that was selected. Summary of my essay: 1. Rework xp bar https://gyazo.com/d14d995d2339c8f0ceb41400c517b87a 2. Option to swap prayer locations (primarily rigour&augury for eagle eye&mystic might) 3. Birdhouse timers + timers after relogging 4. Presets that can be saved using current inventory + equipment, also able to use in donator zone 5.Ranged/magic attack pathing bug after clicking on npc or drinking/eating and then clicking on npc 6. Combat style option bug when switching between weapons. Thank you for reading my whole essay, Yours truly, dragnpwner9
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  10. Very well said, you are right about the community manager, there was one back in 2015 I believe and there should be one appointed again, preferably an old player who knows alot about the server
  11. Suggestion title: prayer swapping option: Suggestion long description: basically what this means is that you can swap augury and rigour between eagle eye and mystic might, this will be very nice because it wont mess up your muscle memory if you can toggle this https://gyazo.com/e897aba5b4cc13c289d4fa387e0ed50a - you will be able to swap around the 4 prayers, also on 07 on konduit client Suggestion additional information: x
  12. Prayer scrolls

    Hello PARK or MATT so uhh i got a arcane prayer scroll from olm, (already had one read so i could use augury) then i read it for fun and it just consumes it, whilst it should say: you've already learnt this prayer spell. So i basically got scammed for a scroll, can you refund and fix this please?
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