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  1. As of now, you are not able to apply for the veteran rank, we will look into updating the requirements for this rank shortly. - Denied.
  2. Oi inster, you vids gonna be atleast 10 mins and more than 5 of and less than a week apart? :D

  3. So, anotha series, i mean i could watch it, but will it be more than lets say 5 episodes this time
  4. Gamemode

    Well i will be HC. You could always try osrs mode.
  5. Nerd :D

  6. 4th day of being sick.. i should crack out me weed.. 

    1. PvM Gert

      PvM Gert

      Kanepimees oi oi

    2. Halp


      Shh, Ei joo enam, peab kuidagi teistmoodi chillima :D 

  7. Vid was meh, person who does vid is pleb, but over all 10 outta 10 Nuu hate ok
  8. Hey @Matt These updates are meh, considering whats happening next week but, THANK
  9. I don't get what is so hard to understand.. If you are lending someone an item, its your choice. If the person doesn't give you back the item, it was your mistake. The moment you trust your stuff to another person, staff wont intervene. Like Park said, it wont be implemented, because in the end its your choice to trust someone with your items.
  10. I dont know if i support this, but i do agree that drop rates for non high donors are shit. You have no idea how much i have complained about it.. After maxing, there isnt much to do, but grind same bosses over and over again, which will get boring as hell.. Now other people will say, "oh but make another account and grind skills on that" yea i can barely play on my main as it is.. Honestly, i dont know, how to fix this droprate stuff, without making it p2w.. But something needs to change
  11. Really not in 720p.. When you having those sleepless nights, remember you couldnt wait for that part of your life to begin All banta aside, i am really happy for you mate Congratz
  12. My inactivity.

    So i have been online rarely, its not because i'm tired of the server, i wish i could play. I started a new job recently and pulling 12-14 hour shifts is tiresome. Also i have told few people in the server, that my mom is sick, its hard to talk about that so i'm not gonna go into that. I am trying to play, as much as i can. But this year is going to be tough on me. I have to make certain choices.
  13. You dont have to get d scimmy, get d long, from blue dragons or get 83 hunter and hunt dimps for it.
  14. First of all there is a section in the forums called Suggestions & Feedback: http://osveldahar.org/forum/index.php?/forum/10-suggestions-feedback/ Secondly, if you post suggestion please read this first: And finally, I wont support any of this. Even tho i am iron myself.