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  1. I mean it should be quite easy to add ::showkc, so it would work similar to ::skillfilter
  2. Username: Halp Time online (screenshot): Time Timezone: GMT+3 What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: Knowledge of the game. Being helpful. Maturity. Approachable. Active. How many hours can you play a day: Well that depends, i can sink good 4-5 hours daily into the game, but i do have people to take care of outside of the game. There might come situations, where i cant be ingame, but i am usually on discord. Previous Experience: Been staff before in OSV. Know the way around the game. On previous experiences in other fields, was and am a community manager on an international gaming clan. Was and admin on one of the biggest Gaming forums in Estonia. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I know the game inside out. I am probably one of the best players in OSV. My general knowledge of the game is MASSIF. My contributions to the game are 1 guide and 1 Partial Achievement diary. I am also usually the one who finds bugs.. As stated before i was staff previously, a helper for 8 whole months and mod for a bit. I know the answers to the most questions in-game. Most players know me being helpful and i would like to think that i am kind. Are there any issues we should know about?: Me being staff before, might have left some bad taste in few peoples mouth. But i have gotten better. Things are pretty good now. Family is great, and im in a good place mentally.
  3. Thank you Matt. This is some good update. Hopefully i have some left over pc points
  4. How can i say this without offending any staff members and not receive a ban. Update the game, and if you want suggestions, do that after the update.. We are fucking bored.. No one has any faith anymore. I am actually waiting that moment, that will come - where someone in staff says, "Games dead, maybe another reset" just update..
  5. Just outta curiosity, would it be possible to sell back skilling shite bought from vote store, for vote tickets?
  6. And the agility courses are still bonkers..
  7. Well fix the obvious things.. IE. pathing, ::auth (to give all vote tickets at the same time). Also it would be great if Matt actually stays around this time, i doubt it, but it would be nice..
  8. Well apperantly, ads are coming for the past 2-3 weeks. Im not hating, but most of the loyal players who have stuck around, they dont believe it anymore..
  9. Demotivated as hell to play.. Getting no drops at all.. 

    If i wanted osrs luck i go play osrs.. I thought this was private server.. 

  10. Hmm same thing happens everytime client is updated, have to delete cache and all files, then download all new files..
  11. yay can turn off yell now
  12. Yeah, it's still copper ore. So you cant complete the diary task..
  13. Suggestion title: Hide Yell Suggestion long description: An option to hide everything from ::yell. Same principle as ::skillfilter. Suggestion additional information: Maybe a command ie: ::hideyell
  14. How about replace "buy 10" with "buy 50"?