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  1. https://gyazo.com/14f2af1baf9f73d276b7b26de837b6ef
  2. https://gyazo.com/d1b282d7a4fbfdfd8d787ebafd959160
  3. Buy X best update OS-V has ever had.
  4. Staff: Best Overall - Park Most Professional - Matt Best Role Model - Travis Most Active - Halp Most Respected - Insta Most active In-game - Travis Most active on Forums Players: Most Active In-game - Iron Carbz Most Active on Forums Most Wealthy - Silence Most Friendly - Travis Most Respected - Gye Most Helpful - Pengi Most Mature - Coolest Veteran - Satan Best Pker - Gye Best PvMer - Woox Best Skiller - Best Hardcore Ironman - Insta Best Ultimate Ironman - Rena Best Ironman - Halp Best 5x - Funniest - Fart Guy Kindest - Most Annoying - Ulti Dann
  5. Hello and welcome to the 2019 June Community Awards! I'd like to encourage you to take a couple minutes and share your nominations for your favorite members of the community in the February Community awards! This thread will be up until TBA, Good luck! RULES: 1) You must fill out the entire template provided below. If you do not have anyone to vote for please, write 'none' instead of completely removing the award. This helps myself not become confused when counting votes. 2) You may NOT vote for yourself. 3) You CANNOT vote for the same person more than 3 times. 4) Any troll posts or if you have voted more than 3 times your post will be deleted. 5) No buying/selling or asking for votes. Staff: Best Overall Most Professional Best Role Model Most Active Most Respected Most active In-game Most active on Forums Players: Most Active In-game Most Active on Forums Most Wealthy Most Friendly Most Respected Most Helpful Most Mature Coolest Veteran Best Pker Best PvMer Best Skiller Best Hardcore Ironman Best Ultimate Ironman Best Ironman Best 5x Funniest Kindest Most Annoying
  6. Corbo's Re-Intro

    Welcome back! Glad to see other veterans returning.
  7. Start four accounts simultaneously recording all four at the same time,HCIM,UIM,Iron, and regular. Each time you receive a rare drop you have to drop you have to randomly choose an account to drop all of your items on. >:)
  8. Pretty solid suggestion, support!
  9. Defiance Intro

    Always good to see new faces! Welcome
  10. Thanks for the table updates @Park @Precision, and for the QOL.
  11. Welcome back! Good ol We are Iron days.

    Can confirm