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  1. Support , dont think it should be locked behind a diary since you can do this in osrs. Karmaja diary (gloves) should make it high alch item value though
  2. Big support for adding more items to the blood money shop for ironmen, some things id suggest are ecumentical keys, coal packs, herb boxes, some items from the bh shop could be moved to the bm shop aswell?
  3. Support, always see you online when i am and see you helpful when its requested , also can call drops much needed skill for staff poggers
  4. Suggestion title: Snape grass seed Information: Snape grass on "osrs" requires 61 farming to plant. I think there needs to be a secondary method of obtaining snape grass in the game as currently the only way to do so is through crawling hands or hellhounds; making it not so viable for skillers or people who just need bulk potions. It could also be implemented to the master farmers table maybe 1/25 chance for them? just throwing a random number out there. They could be added to the brimstone chest, certain bosses, and possibly from ckeys if they were sought after that much? Additional information: Idk how much would be yielded on harvest but the grow time would we the same as herbs i would imagine? Leave feedback!
  5. Hey.

    Welcome back bud
  6. i thought thats what nieve did, because you need 90 slayer to use her? correct me if im wrong though
  7. Staff: Best Overall Insta Most Professional Matt Best Role Model Most Active Park Most Respected Matt Most active In-game Wengs Most active on Forums Park Players: Most Active In-game Silence Most Active on Forums Corbo Most Wealthy Silence Most Friendly Travis Most Respected Most Helpful Travis Most Mature Coolest Veteran Satan Best Pker Raspy Best PvMer Gtgmrei Best Skiller Corbo Best Hardcore Ironman Corbo Best Ultimate Ironman Travie Best Ironman Gtgmrei Best 5x meneer naab Funniest Fatal Floors Kindest Most Annoying Iron carbz