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  1. OS-VELDAHAR's bug busting event: Hello Veldaharians and welcome to what will be the biggest event we can possibly do. We've heard your complaints and understand that we have been under preforming in the aspect of listening to all of you. So with that said we are going to make an event now to get everyone involved. The event is simple and will literally only be submitting bugs or suggestions. Please keep everything posted on this page relative to the discussion of the event or posts regarding bugs or suggestions. Event will run from today(07/25/2019) to next Sunday(08/04/2019) RULES FOR BUGS: 1. Every post must be neat and clearly label the bug/problem 2. Each correct bug you report will be worth 1 point. 3. There is no limitation on what kind of bug you can report. 4. Since we already know about it, saying pathing won't give you a point a lol. 5. Rewards will be given to the top 3 players who submitted the most fixable bugs. 6. No repeating bugs that have already been posted. 7. For the purpose of the event, all bugs must be posted in response to this forum using the outline down below. 8. Any troll bug reports will result in a negative point. 9. For multiple bug reports, you CAN add them to one post, just use the outline for each individual bug report. OUTLINE FOR BUGS: In-game Name: Description of bug(how to do it if applicable)(If this is a game breaking bug please post it in bug report as well): Any additional information regarding the bug: REWARDS: Rewards will be given out to the person who gave the most reputable bugs and are as follows: First place will receive a 50$ donation in their name. Second Place will receive a 25$ donation in their name. Third place will receive a 10$ donation in their name. LEADERBOARD: Here we will be keeping track of everyones points. This will get updated at the end of every day. 1st: Q - 10 pts Please keep posts on this relative to the contest. I do not need to see how we need this or this or that. This was made to fix little bugs that are a problem on the server and to help get the community involved. Thank you.
  2. So as the title suggests me and Travis have decided on doing a duo ironman series. I will be periodically streaming this on youtube but this post is mostly for people to see the rules and achievements we complete. The accounts are limited to only trading between each other but we have had to make them normal accounts so that we can do this. The rules are pretty straight forward. We can trade items between each other and only buy certain items from the stores. We can only purchase from Aubury after completing the Varrock Easy and Med diaries and this only goes for runes, can only purchase an Ava from Lowe, can't purchase anything from Zeke or Horvik. Basically the normal ironman restrictions. Also we realize that the Ava is only 10k so we have made a rule that we can't purchase it until we have 1 mil cash. I will add more photos and even plug my youtube right here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRTOBDIimnp0ZwfebSd07w?view_as=subscriber If this is something you guys are interested in or like the idea of, please be sure to tune into the stream. Not exactly sure when we will start but hopefully everyone likes the idea. Drops and various achievements will be posted below:
  3. I support this. I can attest to how annoying it can be to be struggling to pickup your ether or other various things once the drop pile gets out of hand.
  4. I support this as well. Would be nice to have a decent challenge.
  5. Support, but I feel this is more of a bug then a suggestion.
  6. Staff: Best Overall: Travis Most Professional: Park Best Role Model: Park Most Active: Insta Most Respected: Insta Most active In-game: Silence Most active on Forums: Wengs Players: Most Active In-game: Corbo Most Active on Forums: Intruder Most Wealthy: Silence Most Friendly: Most Respected: Insta Most Helpful: Silence Most Mature: Travis Coolest Veteran: Gnome Best Pker: Best PvMer: gtgmrei Best Skiller: Travis Best Hardcore Ironman: Insta Best Ultimate Ironman: Travie Best Ironman: gtgmrei Best 5x: Meneer Naab Funniest: Precision Kindest: Travis Most Annoying: Iron Carbz
  7. Suggestion title: Adjusting Ironmen Shops Suggestion long description: This is a pretty generic idea but I would like to suggest that we add more to the shops for ironmen. Currently all of the shops are very underwhelming, mostly Blood Money and Raids. I would suggest that we add a few things as currently you can only buy Overloads and the blood money becomes useless once you have your rings and void. I would suggest adding small things that don't break the game for ironmen. For raids store adding things like random herb box, seed box, ore box, just random skilling supplies that can be purchased for a fair/hefty amount of points. For Blood money I would suggest adding more untradeables. Currently the only way to get some extra exp stuff is through voting and I feel adding some of those items into the blood money store would help make blood money a tad more useful and make it to where you can earn a few more then just one piece every week. Making items between 100-200 blood money per piece or more. Lastly the option to sell back items if none of these are an option above. Mainly selling back old items you may not use ever again for vote points, or even slightly less points. I get the incentive is to vote so maybe even adding more voting rewards might help this out. Suggestion additional information: I really don't have much to add other then feedback to maybe improve upon this idea or make it better in any way would be great. Added info by you guys: Another great tip I got was maybe adding secondary boxes. Making the higher tier boxes more expensive. Like Snape Grass, Red Spider eggs etc. This info came from Travis.
  8. I can agree with this, and definitely support the ideas of maybe even adding a extend task for points feature.
  9. Username: Swinekills Time online (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/35984b6782b241d6da668aa5b3861626 Timezone: EST, but i'm on a lot anyways. What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: 1. Maturity: I feel this is important for a lot of things as it will be able to tell how you can handle certain situations as well as how you act with a higher position. 2. Friendly: I believe that being friendly is a very good quality as it shows other players that you are nice and approachable for any question they may have. 3. Thick Skin: This is one of those qualities that I feel can be overlooked as it is very important to not get angered or demotivated easily by other hateful or mean comments that players may have for any decisions you are required to make. 4. Committed: This is another important quality to me as it shows how willing you are to be active and dedicated to the server as well as your commitment to helping the players and the server grow. 5. Honesty: This is by far the biggest for me as being able to be honest and open about all situations will help anyone and show that you care and are willing to help and become better and make everyone else better. How many hours can you play a day: It varies but I can probably guarantee at the minimum 2-4 hours. And on most days it's a lot more. Previous Experience: Awhile back for a few servers I rose up the ranks to become mods on several servers and even admins and a co-owner. I also have been staff on various other games like GTA RP servers and minecraft servers. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I feel I would be suitable for the position as I am a responsible and friendly adult that has a pretty good knowledge about most(if not all) of OS-V. I try to strive on being as friendly as possible and show that I am willing to help anyone that needs it, and if I can't help I will go out of my way to try and find out whatever I may not know. I am very active as you can see from my playtime and love to talk and interact with people either through my streams or just in discord. I consider myself a very approachable person with any questions and feel that it would all come in handy for staff member. I also feel that I would be suitable as I am a very active player on several different time zones, even though I listed as EST I can usually be on through the night time as well. In closing I hope that you think I am qualified and only want the best for the server, with that said thank you for allowing me to submit an application and I hope you consider me as a future staff member. Are there any issues we should know about?: I don't currently have any that I know about at least.
  10. Heres the thing though, like over a month ago you made a comment how you were going to be more active and then disappeared again. How can we tell that this isn't going to be the same. Or how do we know that the server will even eventually come back up. Could this just be a cover to take the server down for good?
  11. Reimbursed how? My iron will have all its items and stats?
  12. Suggestion title: Better/more items in raid store for Ironmen and Regs Suggestion long description: So the title says it all. I believe there should be more to earn in the raids store itself. Now let me clarify and say that I don't want to see any of the drop table added as far as the main rare drop table goes. I would like to see some simple stuff added to both the ironmen and regular accounts store. Now obviously go buck wild with the regular store I don't really have many suggestions that could benefit them other then everything i'm about to suggest for the ironmen. Items I would recommend for ironman store would mostly be supplies along the lines of: Raw food or Cooked food, Clean or Grimy herbs, secondaries for herb, maybe even some untradeables that are available in the vote shop or other stores and plenty of other items that can be tossed in. I simply would like to see more use for my points rather than occasionally buying overloads here and there. Suggestion additional information: The only additional information would be cost for the product put in the store. I'm not aware of a fair value but I believe somewhere along the lines of this as a starting point(and again none of these prices have to be the actual prices): 50 points for raw food/100 for cooked, 50 for grimy/100 for clean herbs, 200 for secondaries(could alternate prices depending on level usage of the secondary), upwards of 10k-1m or more depending on the untradeable in question.
  13. I don't really care much about whatever is on the store however I disagree with most of this being any relative reason as to why the server is not at its old peak population. The only change I agree with is adding raids 2, and updating the server in general. There is plenty of servers thriving with 100+ players on average even at non peak times with "p2w" features. There is nothing wrong with making people want to donate and I believe both boxes add a feature for people to be able to do that. I don't believe that either boxes had a significant responsibility to the server losing its players. Now a reset makes no sense if you want to add in the new raids as you are going to have content that you want people to test out so you can work out bugs but no one is going to have any items to be able to do that. I believe that the server is fine with no reset, and that a reset isn't going to make anyone think that they should come back to a server with new content and no items to do anything with except the die hard couple of players that just like to grind. If you want significant changes then changing up the pathing for some things as well as updating the server with new content and maybe even making customs to make the server unique would help us out a lot more then the suggestions you made. So all in all, i disagree with these suggestions and think that none of them will efficiently help the server.