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  1. Jar of Darkness, Abby Head, and Tyrannical Ring. https://gyazo.com/1bff57438a977356ef8fd96b9d2c7661 Craws Bow, Thammarons Sceptre and Ammy of Avarice. https://gyazo.com/0e299c4182294981d7e1872308244f48 https://gyazo.com/639bacd478dbc3ee6c905fec5399141f 200m hp https://gyazo.com/2cb5a87d22b145eea224dc9cef564660
  2. Trident https://gyazo.com/a902caa3ff36f6d1242359343a1aa14e vissy https://gyazo.com/b9428821bcf1d4ca9f61d35d63d52f9b 200m str https://gyazo.com/bada9b0623252fcb72e95e81660be05a Skotizo Pet https://gyazo.com/71a159299db9a79dbfb45ed0d5a65063
  3. Date of registration: 05/13/2015 Time online: Previously on the server before reset I had about 22 days of time online. As far as the forums. I can say I have more then the required but can't currently find where it says the exact time. Have you been active/helpful towards os-veldahar?: For obviously the last 2 weeks I have been helping with testing the server and all that but previously I would play as much as possible every week. And as the time continues I plan on making as many videos to help and support and tons of guides to do the same as well as the new stuff releases. I was a big hitbox streamer and loved playing on this server as well as gambling and at one point when I first joined managed to obtain most of the eco until I was cleaned. I will continue to try to be as helpful and active as I possibly can as this is the first community I joined and remember it even back in the OSpvp days.
  4. In-game Name:Swinekills Rank Needed:Mega VIP Proof of Rank: #1 https://gyazo.com/062d2d366c5d123a19a5921491047bff #2 https://gyazo.com/3b1b724a66b54f447ac8965c6495fbcc #3 https://gyazo.com/e6d613a53f04daee60cb74a792221d47 #4 https://gyazo.com/b2eb0e7d095f7add0684f38d5534f556 #5 https://gyazo.com/ef127500604648ed6db3a0c4e685b6b7 #6 https://gyazo.com/8dd076e39cf6214fce3505315c5dea2d All of this will total to 532 which grants my 500 rank.
  5. Heres the thing though, like over a month ago you made a comment how you were going to be more active and then disappeared again. How can we tell that this isn't going to be the same. Or how do we know that the server will even eventually come back up. Could this just be a cover to take the server down for good?
  6. Reimbursed how? My iron will have all its items and stats?
  7. Suggestion title: Better/more items in raid store for Ironmen and Regs Suggestion long description: So the title says it all. I believe there should be more to earn in the raids store itself. Now let me clarify and say that I don't want to see any of the drop table added as far as the main rare drop table goes. I would like to see some simple stuff added to both the ironmen and regular accounts store. Now obviously go buck wild with the regular store I don't really have many suggestions that could benefit them other then everything i'm about to suggest for the ironmen. Items I would recommend for ironman store would mostly be supplies along the lines of: Raw food or Cooked food, Clean or Grimy herbs, secondaries for herb, maybe even some untradeables that are available in the vote shop or other stores and plenty of other items that can be tossed in. I simply would like to see more use for my points rather than occasionally buying overloads here and there. Suggestion additional information: The only additional information would be cost for the product put in the store. I'm not aware of a fair value but I believe somewhere along the lines of this as a starting point(and again none of these prices have to be the actual prices): 50 points for raw food/100 for cooked, 50 for grimy/100 for clean herbs, 200 for secondaries(could alternate prices depending on level usage of the secondary), upwards of 10k-1m or more depending on the untradeable in question.
  8. I don't really care much about whatever is on the store however I disagree with most of this being any relative reason as to why the server is not at its old peak population. The only change I agree with is adding raids 2, and updating the server in general. There is plenty of servers thriving with 100+ players on average even at non peak times with "p2w" features. There is nothing wrong with making people want to donate and I believe both boxes add a feature for people to be able to do that. I don't believe that either boxes had a significant responsibility to the server losing its players. Now a reset makes no sense if you want to add in the new raids as you are going to have content that you want people to test out so you can work out bugs but no one is going to have any items to be able to do that. I believe that the server is fine with no reset, and that a reset isn't going to make anyone think that they should come back to a server with new content and no items to do anything with except the die hard couple of players that just like to grind. If you want significant changes then changing up the pathing for some things as well as updating the server with new content and maybe even making customs to make the server unique would help us out a lot more then the suggestions you made. So all in all, i disagree with these suggestions and think that none of them will efficiently help the server.
  9. In-game Name: Swinekills Rank Needed: VIP Proof of Rank: Proof of rank is on my forum account.