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  1. I'm out.

    I'm just going to get to the point, with the state of the server is right now its just really demotivating and I just don't find joy in it anymore as I used to. It was nice seeing everyone again and I even made some new friends, but its time for me to go. I kept saying to myself next week it'll get better , then saying the same thing after that and its just not. Nothing is changing , nothing is getting better so I'm out. @Matt I really hope one day you realize how much potential this server has and that you actually stick to your word. we all understand life gets in the way and shit happends but we are pretty much always left in the dark, we get the same "I'll be back on Monday" c'mon man enough is enough. Prove us wrong, prove to us that you still love Os-Veldahar and make it great. Anyway I'm going to go play some Runescape and COD (xbox 1) hit me up if you want to game.
  2. Whenever I log on there is about 4 players online but all are afk.
  3. This is easier said then done, yeah we may not be as active as we once were but its demotivating for us aswell. If there is ever a real emergency most of us are pretty easy to get in contact with.
  4. I know we can all agree that this reset has went way way too fast, but what I'm proposing is that we re-brand the server. What do I mean by that? Start fresh. Put Os-Veldahar to rest I do believe its ran its course and something new is needed. Pretty much all of the core gameplay would stay the same but we could come up with a new name as a community, new logo etc. Main thing is besides the lack of updates the actual gameplay goes way to fast, you max camp bosses for the items you want then its pretty much done. I also feel as we need to come up with ways to sort of slow that down so that its not to fast but also not to slow aka still enjoyable.
  5. *This is just a test run to see how things go and if all goes well I will open up the YouTuber rank to the public.* This is what I came up with so far aswell a big thanks to @Dark for giving me a hand as usual. Good quality videos 5 minute minimum videos 2 videos per week If all goes well I will of course make a proper thread about the topic as noted above this is just a test run to see how it goes. Any questions or concerns feel free to ask.
  6. Hello OS-Veldahar, In today's Staff Update I'd like to welcome @Dark back to the Staff Team. We do believe with his expertise of running servers in the past he can help bring life back to OS-Veldahar. Thank you. OSV Staff Team.
  7. Drinking coffee and making gains.

  8. Prices

    To keep it simple the price guide is really lacking and never really has updates, I've updated a few prices today @Dark gave me a hand with it, but I want to use this thread to gather prices on items here so I can go and update it every so often.
  9. Updated 3.05.2018 Adjusted and added prices to some items, thanks to @Dark
  10. I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone whos helped me out along the way. Now the real grind begins.
  11. The grind never stops.

  12. Post 4.4B xp ideas

    I'd perfer to anyway haha.
  13. Post 4.4B xp ideas

    I have a 5x just have no motivation to play on it.
  14. As I'm closing into getting 200m in all stats I really have no idea what to do after. I have a few ideas but really can't decide.