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  1. Might, but probably will not have as much time to play as I had before so not sure yet
  2. So to bring some activity back to the forums, whilist we are waiting for the re-release of the server and because of my personal interest I though about asking you guys a simple question to perhaps help me to make decisions aswell. Which gamemode are you going to focus on and perhaps even multiple at the same time? I was thinking about going for the ironman but I´ve really played ironman/hc way too much but the UIM seems quite overkill by the fact that it requires way more knowledge than any other gamemode and I believe I wouldn´t make it far or just would do it so inefficiently that in the end of the day it´s just not worth it.
  3. Sup any more update logs before the release or it comes with it?
  4. Still looks nice regardless that. Wouldnt mind if its kept the way it is in this gif
  5. If a woman distracts you from drinking your beer, quit woman :(

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      Oh damn that quite hurt my feelings there

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      Feelings? Didnt think you would have those :D 

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      PvM Gert

      Rope please

  6. Rules were 2 brews so we both had 2 brews. Need tips & tricks from insiders still a newbie though havent ever had time to get into pking and heres how far ive progressed within short time. Started to panic at the end of the video at start everything were flawless imo, the last spec were to finish off were sure about him being out dont ask looks cringy asff #roadfrompvmer to #pker
  7. Very wise decision Matt, been waiting for this post for an year now. Thank you for not letting us down and actually giving the veldaharians and yourself second shot on this. Good luck!
  8. Not even surprised that most of the moderator team are so demotivated that wont even log to play lol, theres literally noone online... logged in with only me + another guy online
  9. Support, but I would really honestly would like to see overall eco reset & this changes added but obviously it wont going to happen because of obvious reasons. That suggestion would be a big step forward towards future economy anyways
  10. Yeah should be option to upgrade it, definietly support
  11. Which is more important to you, community thoughts about it or plain refusing of the actual problem to save the team from more effort? Afterall its REALLY heavily wanted thing overally and NEEDS to be listened and atleast work out a compromise on that