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  1. I think it would look better if the types of logs were actual buttons, instead of just text. It looks amazing though, keep it up!
  2. I'm loving the changelog of the skills you've already put on the google doc. Here's some of my own: Firemaking Changes Bonfires - With existing fires already lit, players should be allowed to add logs to an existing fire to earn experience. This would make fire making a little bit easier, however the amount of experience should be significantly reduced per log. For some players who want to get 99 fire making the fastest way, they would have to burn each log individually. However, they do have the option to burn logs that are thrown into an existing fire, at a much more reduced rate. The new rate for burning logs through bonfires should be 1/3 of the normal experience: If burning a Magic Log is 10,000 XP normally, it should be reduced to 3,333 XP per log with bonfires.
  3. Hello, My name is Setup. I've been a community member since OS-PvP in 2014. For the longest time, I held the most amount of PvP Kills until OS-Veldahar was released. Before OS-Veldahar's first reset, I was nearly a maxed account and had a lot of great items. In the early stages OS-PvP, I was promoted to Moderator, where I worked alongside Matt as a game moderator. I resigned a few months longer, but never left the community. I'm really looking forward to the re-launch of OS-V and hope to see Matt create something amazing once again. I will continue to throw my ideas out there, so that they can help benefit the server and the community. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to have a conversation, feel free to send me a Private Message on the forums. #OS-V 2019
  4. Instead of making a new thread and adding unnecessary spam, I've decided to revive this thread. With the revival, I would also like to add more suggestions for the new launch of the server. Website (Design) Work and release a new, updated version of the site. (Functionality) Add a brand new homepage (Functionality) Instead of using EverythingRS for Voting, use a script embedded into the site. (Design) Included with the new design of the entire website, create a new forum theme to match the new homepage. This can be done after the rest of the site has been completely. (Clean Up) With the help of the staff team, began to find and remove old threads that are either locked, spam, or irrelevant for the new release. (Functionality) Add a link to the discord onto the site. Discord Using an RSS Feed bot, add a new channel to view the most recent comments, topics, and more added onto the forums. Rework roles to match the forum's and server's ranks. Add more channels where needed.
  5. Loving the new Edgeville map. Keep going man!
  6. I look forward to see what you do to revive OS-V. Let me know if you want to get this site and forums cleaned up
  7. Personally don't think the server is worth much nowadays.
  8. Congratulations and welcome back to the team, @Dark <3
  9. Suggestion title: Website Design Suggestion long description: In the process of OS-Veldahar being worked on (when Matt gets back), I believe that a complete redesign of the website would be a fantastic start. It will start to show players that change is coming. Also, the website isn't that appealing and doesn't offer in regards to functionality. We'd have a new homepage, new forum theme, redesign of the store, voting, and highscore pages. Lastly, the forums just look unappealing and unprofessional (in terms of RSPS). Suggestion additional information: N/A Any questions or concern about the suggestion, you can PM me on the forums.
  10. Congratulations Insta! I'm sure you'll be a great father to the both of them <3
  11. Hello, Today, I created a public document that will allow players the chance to add changes they'd like to see such as website changes, forum changes, bug fixes, and new content added. Please keep in mind that this is not to replace the "Suggestions" category. This is to give players and staff the option to add to a list of changes that is requested by the community in real time. In the document, you can add your username, a short description of the change you'd like to see, and what type of change it is. If you have a suggestion for new content and it needs more than just a few words, please use the forums and make a post. The document will be saved as it is updated and backups will be kept in the event of its deletion. Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-QDXOkbi1E0hQOcmNsxlf3zLwz-g9Z8aoFqefl1tnNU/edit?usp=sharing Please use wisely. Kind regards, Setup