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  1. You're a crazy man, gz dood.
  2. Hasse is back

    Welcome back, hopefully you stay around
  3. 'Lending' items to other players is at your own risk, to stay safe don't lend anyone anything of yours, to save things like this happening.
  4. Support, don't think it would do any harm in the game.
  5. If it was gonna be added needs to be more than 100k, that's way to cheap. I'd say 10m+ Support though, not a bad idea.
  6. Gonna leave a few updates that i think would benefit OS-V, feel free to leave feedback on your thoughts. #1 - RAID DROPS - I think that the raid drop table should be tweaked so that prayer scrolls are more common and items such as tbow are less common, i think at the moment there's more people in-game with tbows than there are with Rigour and Augury and i don't think it should be like that. Common 1/20 - Rigour / Augury Uncommon 1/30 - Dragon Sword / Dragon Harpoon / Dragon Thrownaxe Rare 1/45 - Twisted Buckler / Dragon Hunter Crossbow / Dinh's Bulwark / Ancestral Pieces Very Rare 1/60 - Dragon Claws / Elder Maul / Kodai / Twisted Bow (These drop rates can be changed it was just to give a rough idea) #2 - POS - At the minute i'm finding a lot of bugs with the POS such as items not appearing when you search for them, and then going into a players shop and seeing the item you was looking for previously. Not being able to look at your own shop unless you search in your name. Not recieving items when you purchase them. Overall i just think looking into the POS wouldn't be a bad idea and just cleaning it up abit. #3 - Advertisement / Consistent Updates - I want OS-V to grow as much as everyone else and i understand Matt's a busy guy and his life shouldn't revolve around OS-V, but i think recently there's been a lack of updates, Even if every week there was 5 or 6 just Q.O.L (Quality of life) updates i think it'd help the server slowly. Advertisement is also what OS-V is severely lacking, the only You-tuber we've got is Insta and he's welsh so it doesn't really count. I think investing the money the servers made into a couple big you-tubers to make a few vids would bring a lot more attention to OS-V and would increase the player-base, even if 100 people joined from a vid and only 20 stayed that's still nearly half of the player count at peak times. I know it's hard to find decent youtubers due to being contracted to servers but there's gotta be a couple that aren't. #4 - New Dev? - Every week there's a lot of pressure on Matt to provide updates, i think hiring a new Dev to help wouldn't be a bad thing, because for weeks like this where Matt has been away and therefore there's a delayed update an extra pair of hands when Matt's busy would help out a lot. I know it must be hard to find someone willing to help out that isn't already contracted to another server, but the servers made enough to money to hire a dev even if it is for like a month just to see how it goes. i don't think it would hurt. People may have mixed opinions about these suggestions, please leave your thoughts down below.
  7. I see where you're coming from, because the old masses were great, even though duo and trio atm are longer and do use more food, it still makes it more likely to see a drop. I do think masses could be scaled down a bit, so i'll support your suggestion however to say there's no incentive to duo and trio i disagree with, just for the simple fact is, the incentive is you're more likely to get a drop due to having more points.
  8. You're suggestions are always so in-depth and i'm sure i'm not the only one who appreciates suggestions like these. I can relate to the end-game goals like you stated in the thread, it is just going for 200m's and getting all boss drops. I think this would be a great addition to the game and would keep people motivated to play post max. Support!
  9. My point is, the whole point of an ironman game mode is not being able to trade and doing everything self-sufficiently, this mode would defeat that purpose.
  10. Personally i think being able to trade as an ironman defeats the point of being an ironman. I understand you're saying it's only a limited amount players per group that can trade, i still think for those who don't want to group up it could be become very demotivating to grind when other players are trading eachother. Gl, but sorry no support from me.