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  1. Interesting, server def needs some new content
  2. Sad to see Halp retire but besides that the other staff updates were def deserved, congrats guys
  3. Support, very well written application and always see you online, seem fit for the role.
  4. Staff: Best Overall - Matt Most Professional - Matt Best Role Model - Insta Most Active - Travis Most Respected - Matt Most active In-game - Halp / Silence Most active on Forums - Park / Matt Players: Most Active In-game - Most Active on Forums - Most Wealthy - Silence Most Friendly - Insta / Xaid Most Respected - Satan Most Helpful - Halp Most Mature - Matt Coolest Veteran - Satan Best Pker - Satan Best PvMer Best Skiller - Travis Best Hardcore Ironman - Corbo/Insta Best Ultimate Ironman - Rena Best Ironman - Gtgmrei Best 5x Funniest - Satan Kindest - Wengs Most Annoying
  5. Suggestion title: Lil Bit QOL Suggestion long description: Make votes claim all at once instead of one vote at a time. Change color of when someone completes infernal, maybe a dark orange? Make it so staff have admin symbol and hcim symbol so new players know who is staff, for example instead of Insta just having the hcim symbol next to his name, make it so he has the admin symbol too. Update Runelocus banner, maybe other rsps lists too, ours is outdated and doesnt include some of our newest content. Bring Community events back Suggestion additional information:
  6. Has as much as you* that wording sounds rly bad lol
  7. Proud of you Matt, I remember when you were helper for Abnant and now you're owner, know how to code, and have the love for the server and heart that nobody else here has. The updates are really consistent and strong and I thank you for that.
  8. Some sick progress on this one, I was expecting a bp like 3rd zulrah kill haha
  9. Agree with all except neutral on adding secondaries to shop