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  1. HCIM #4

    Hey everyone, Episode 4 is live! giveaway winner announced and another giveaway shit loads happened in this video don't forget to leave a like and subscribe if you're new.. enjoy!
  2. Don't have picture of the scroll as I've used it but got an arcane prayer scroll earlier this morning https://gyazo.com/944f696a5c676ad411dca62504269d53
  3. sick updates as always boss good job
  4. https://gyazo.com/60327d6be4b3e25f8a5f6fd675296820 couple of items that are blank so idk if first but here
  5. Staff: Best Overall Matt Most Professional Matt Best Role Model Matt Most Active Halp Most Respected Matt Most active In-game Park Most active on Forums Players: Most Active In-game Silence Most Active on Forums Most Wealthy Silence Most Friendly Most Respected Satan Most Helpful Corbo Most Mature Coolest Veteran Satan Best Pker Satan Best PvMer Silence Best Skiller Travis Best Hardcore Ironman Corbo Best Ultimate Ironman Travis Best Ironman gtgmrei Best 5x Funniest Iron carbz Kindest Most Annoying Ulti dann
  6. Hey everyone, here is episode 3 of my hcim series hope you all enjoy! be sure to like the video be subscribed and comment your in game name in order to be entered into the giveaway! enjoy
  7. Hey everyone, Here is episode 2 of my hcim series! hope you all enjoy feel free to sub if you're new and don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video!
  8. Hey everyone, Here is episode 1 of my hcim series hope you all enjoy!
  9. Sounds fun I did everything I wanted other than get assembler I’d love to but don’t play it enough anymore
  10. I finished my hcim
  11. Hey everyone, Here is a reintroduction to OSV I'm actually buzzing for launch see you all Friday!
  12. Hello friends Just writing this thread to see what you guys and gals would like to see from my YouTube channel, with osv relaunch just around the corner I’d like some fresh ideas on a potential new series, thanks in advance Insta
  13. Hey everyone, Welcome back to episode 3 of 5x btw this episode we did a tonne of skilling absolutely smashing it lads, also 10 super mystery box giveaway this episode all you have to do is like, comment your in game name (make sure you have 30mins in game playtime or i'll reroll it) and be subscribed to the channel! winner ill be drawn in next episode so keep your eyes open! Enjoy
  14. This has been sorted.