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  1. I played this server on and off a few times, the most recent of which I was hacked, so just stopped playing. The problem with this server was its community, it is full of skillers and ironmen. There was no engaging group content; the only thing that was remotely multiplayer about this server was raids, which was then changed so only people who skilled for 3 days straight could access it. Practically no economy because everyone played ironman mode, forcing those of us who were not ironmen to basically play ironman mode. No economy, no pking, no clans, no events, no pvm masses, just dull game play.
  2. I made it known to staff that I was also hacked a few days ago, shame they did not react quicker even after knowing there was someone doing this. Should have took my hacking more seriously.
  3. Also they added an account to my FL named bank tab, presumably where the items were traded over to.
  4. My account Bailey Jay was hacked in game, between 2pm gmt and 5pm gmt today. I went to log in around 4:40gmt and was already logged in. Items lost include 130m cash, 1000+ bloodmoney, elder maul, berserker ring imbued, trident, occult (orn), zgs, blessed spirit shield and a ton of barrows and supplies. They left my POS items. If possible can you trace who was on my account, or check the trade logs to see who traded it all over.
  5. Remove PVM death mechanics when players are in the wilderness; if you kill someone at Skotizo and deal less damage than the boss, you get no loot. When given a PVP target, have an arrow pointing you in the direction of the target. Invisible doors blocking your route need to be removed; some I have noticed are in the black knights fortress in level 14 wilderness, and the gate between 50 ports and Annakarl. Ability to sell items for bloodmoney in the bm store; for example, if you get torags hammers from barrows and you don't want them; you could sell them for half the bloodmoney it costs to buy them. Improved drop table for Skotizo, often in deep wilderness and automatically skulled when killing it; the basic drops for the boss don't really reflect the risk involved in killing it. Give a small XP boost in the wilderness resource area to encourage people to train there. The freeze time on barrage seems too long; equally refreezing someone is far easier than it should be. Add a warning message for leaving the inferno. (The click box is huge and I have misclicked it twice now) ty bb
  6. bailey jay 104 atm, higher by then.
  7. Yes mate you make an actual good point instead of "waah its not that much of a grind for 2k."
  8. Locking the most fun content in the game behind hours of grinding hunter isn't fun.
  9. One down lads. https://prnt.sc/ip2gvd
  10. I have seen lots of goals and achievement threads, they are all the same. Here are my goals for this server: Kill as many hardcore iron men as possible. Kill as many ultimate iron men as possible. Leech raids until I get a drop. I will keep you updated as I know you are all very invested into this thread. Thanks boys and girls.
  11. Would be nice if you could either customise your f keys, or have a little toggle option to switch the current f keys, to the preset f keys for osrs. I am entirely used to the OSRS f keys, many others are probably used to their own set up also, would be a nice qol update init.
  12. Maybe reworking an entire combat system based on one PvP interaction is a bit much baby! I have noticed that freeze times seem longer than rs though.
  13. wag1

    Apparently already had an account on here, barely remembering playing but hello. Maybe I will remember some people but probably not. wagwan anyway