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  1. I've already given up tbh, and i think others are doing the same, slow updates, suggestions never get a look at, no community to support any end game content, forums are dead, game is empty, and once again Matt you are nowhere to be seen, bored of promises which never get answered but hey a lot of money has been made, so see you next reset i guess. Ban me for speaking my mind if you wish, but someone had to say something...
  2. Hi, i'm reposting this because i've expanded it since and there was a few errors in the first post. Skilling & Voting improvements My suggestion would be to have a chance of receiving a piece of skilling gear from the skill in which you are leveling, I know your first thought is that this will pull people away from voting, well i have a suggestion for that too. To combat this i think we should add 2 new scrolls to the voting store, the first a 1-2% boost to drop rate for 30mins at a cost of 25 votes, the second a 1.25x increased xp scroll for 30mins. Not only will the gear drops make skilling so much more fun, i think it will give people even more of an incentive to vote and overall help to spread the word about our great server. This could also open up new reasons for people to donate, by adding say 5mins of time to the scrolls for each rank that you are. So to further on my idea... The chance in which to receive such item for instance would be (per piece); Fishing: 1/1k Fish Farming: 1/1k herbs picked / 100 trees grown Woodcutting: 1/1k logs cut Firemaking: 1/1k logs burnt Thieving: 1/1k thieves Mining: 1/1k ores mined / not obtainable through essence mining Hope you like my idea, Happy grinding Veldaharians!
  3. Can i get my shiny purple name please =)
  4. Can i get my shiny purple name please =)
  5. Brown apron..... OMG!!!!!
  6. Fuck sake its meant to say 25votes above... -.-
  7. How the hell does it make people vote less... how many people actually vote when there maxed? Means that skilling gear becomes useless for most people which is 99% of the vote shop... The scrolls don't have to be overpowered at all and will only last for 30mins... 25votes for one scroll, if you voted twice a day and cashed in on a weekend you'll still only get maybe 2.5h from a scroll its the incentive more than anything!
  8. 100% support Slay, always stay a legend!
  9. Username: Corbo Time online (screenshot): Timezone:GMT (but usually active late nights and early mornings aswell) What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: Honesty / Compassion / Equality / Respect / Leadership How many hours can you play a day: I've been putting in 10h+ a day since launch, i dont plan on changing this anytime soon. Previous Experience: Non as any position of power, but i thrive in helping and answering all questions i can. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I love to talk to people in game and if i can do anything to help anyone in anyway shape or form, i will go out of my way to do it to the best of my ability. I believe everyone should, i don't like to see anyone struggling when they don't have to and honestly whether i get accepted or not i will continue to live by this, but i would love to become deeper involved within the server that has always be #1 in my book. Are there any issues we should know about?: Not that i know off.
  10. Well deserved guys!
  11. Massive update! Thanks Matt! off to sell all my stuff and get a hydra task =)
  12. I love you tema! amazing suggestion! please make it a sell "x" aswell i have 10k+ of some item haha
  13. This would be very helpful!
  14. Would love more of a challenge, olm is really easy atm, but yes i also think that a separate challenge should be implemented and olm kept how it is now.