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  1. Absolutely amazing update Matt! Thank you!!!
  2. SCRAP MY FIRST ONE PLEASE>>> NEED TO EDIT SOME. Staff: Best Overall: Halp Most Professional: Best Role Model: Insta (2 kids and wifey and still finds time to play lol) Most Active: Halp Most Respected: Insta Most active In-game: Park Most active on Forums: Wengs Players: Most Active In-game: Silence Most Active on Forums: Wengs Most Wealthy: silence Most Friendly: Ulti Dann Most Respected: Halp Most Helpful: Fatal Floors Most Mature: Fatal Floors Coolest Veteran: Renaissance Best Pker: Gye Best PvMer: Park Best Skiller: Fatal Floors Best Hardcore Ironman: Insta Best Ultimate Ironman: Renaissance Best Ironman: Gtgmrei Best 5x: Meneer Naab Funniest: Ulti Dann Kindest: iron carbz Most Annoying: iron carbz
  3. IGN: Corbo Rank Needed: HCIM / Supporter Proof:
  4. To further my idea and to help with donations, the scrolls purchased from voting could be increased by 5mins for each donation rank.
  5. Skilling & Voting improvements My suggestion would be to have a chance of receiving a piece of skilling gear from the skill in which you are leveling, I know your first thought is that this will pull people away from voting, well i have a suggestion for that too. To combat this i think we should add 2 new scrolls to the voting store, the first a 1-2% boost to drop rate for 30mins at a cost of 5 votes, the second a 1.5x increased xp scroll for 30mins. Not only will this combat the skilling gear drops, i think it will give people even more of an incentive to vote and overall help to spread the word about our great server. So to further on my idea... The chance in which to receive such item for instance would be (per piece); Fishing: 1/1k Fish Farming: 1/1k herbs picked / 100 trees grown Woodcutting: 1/1k logs cut Firemaking: 1/1k logs burnt Thieving: 1/1k thieves Mining: 1/1k ores mined / not obtainable through essence mining Hope you like my idea, Happy grinding Veldaharians!
  6. Forum Name Change

    Hello one of you lovely kind admins, Would you please if possible change my forum name, if you could get rid of the pk bit so it just says "Corbo" i would much appreciate it. Don't want to be associated as a pker when i cant pk for shit haha. Thanks!
  7. Date of registration: November 2014, been around since the days of OS-PVP and through the first years of Veldahar, had 2 full maxed irons with around 2b xp each with a total of probably 60-70days. Time online: Cant say exactly with it being fresh reset. but like i said above, 60-70days in game and i spend most of my time in the forums at work, i plan on playing alot this playthrough and uping my time on both. Have you been active/helpful towards os-veldahar?: I would consider myself very helpful. i take alot of pride in having people asking me for help and i would love to have a helpers role sometime soon =)
  8. Hey Veldaharians! I'm Corbo, been around since 2014 in the days of OS-PVP and Played through the first years of Veldahar. Must admit i haven't played in a year or so and had a few different names but mostly Iron Corbo so you may not remember me. Tbh i got Annoyed after losing my second maxed iron man with almost every drop in the game and didn't want to do it again but i honestly haven't played another RSPS as good as this one in all my years. Really looking forward to chatting to you all in game! #OSV2019 Peace Boys!
  9. HCIM Series... That's if your noob ass can survive for long enough to make a serious out of it =p