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  1. Adios

    I leave you as forum mod today folks. I’ve resigned for the same reason everyone else has decided to leave. I’ve done literally all I could to help in the servers growth (revival at this point). Everyone knows the issues plaguing the server so I won’t regurgitate the obvious. I’ll stick around browsing the forums (fingers crossed for changes anytime soon I guess?). I just don’t see the point in having my time wasted as well as wasting everyone else’s time as a staff member when, unfortunately, no staff is active currently. It was fun chatting with all of you! Thanks for giving me the opportunity.
  2. Voting bug

    Are your system times all set correctly? What error do you get when voting on a phone?
  3. Voting bug

    Mind adding a screenshot of the issue so we can have a better look?
  4. Would love to see shards in there. It does need some sprucing up - maybe slayer task teleport scrolls (for those without the cape yet); or "Preference" Tickets where once per day you get to purchase a task from a specific slayer master.
  5. I personally like the idea of a 'community' based goldsink, and the perks are neat as well. I do believe however the cost should be a tad higher than 50m - possibly 100m.
  6. I think this would aide in providing support for long term economic growth. Support.
  7. Voting bug

    Voting works for me - looks like it's an isolated issue. Can you try clearing your browser cache as well as flushing your DNS? You can flush your DNS by typing "ipconfig /flushdns" in Windows CMD prompt.
  8. I see your finger painting class today was quite productive!
  9. Hey everyone, We're unfortunately losing a staff member today. @Custom has decided to resign from his Moderator position. We thank him for his assistance to the community as Moderator and wish him the best in his future endeavours. The OS-V Staff Team
  10. I think the current reward is pretty generous as is.
  11. I think it’d be nice - and 100 points is reasonable.
  12. I think he means he simply created another account. OP: I’ve found it works (forces your bank pin to pop up) if you have closed the client after logging out. Otherwise it’ll only require the pin when entering the bank.
  13. Userbar Rank Guide

    Forum post userbars updated!
  14. I'll allow two per user - and you can update/change them at any time before the due date.
  15. Hey everyone, In light of the upcoming Myth's Guild we've decided a new client background was in store. What better way to get ready for the Myth's Guild than a brand new Client Background (other than, you know, actually preparing your account in-game)! As such, we're leaving the background ideas to the community. We have a lot of talented individuals with an eye for design, and we invite everyone to submit their rendition of a Myth's Guild themed client background. Rules & Specifications 1. Please do not submit another users work without their express permission. 2. Your art can be submitted by sending myself a private message titled "Myth's Guild Submission". 3. The background dimensions must be 765 x 503. 4. Two submissions maximum per user. 5. The competition ends on the 12th of June - 12PM EST to submit your art. Submissions after this date will not be considered. The best submissions will be polled for the community to vote on. The winner will receive 300m GP from myself as well as a forum award. If you're an Ironman you will receive Contributor or an upgrade from your current rank.