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  1. no listen here. ur client is out of date
  2. literally just making the game easier while also making players vote less HUGE no support
  3. Obviously I support this beast of a man.
  4. well god damn! good updates matt
  5. Been waiting on this, thanks Fatal.
  6. bumping this because would like to see it added, it seems to be a forgotten suggestion
  7. Yeah, I agree; kinda emulates the normal raids and challenge raids that 07 has.
  8. Title: read above lol SLD: Currently, our version of 'raids' is just an olm boss fight, and a relatively easy olm boss fight at that. I suggest that we add a "challenge" mode to raids, where a group of players is able to run through the 3 bosses that we have currently in the game. - Skeletal Mages, Tekton, Olm. On the final phase of the fight, I believe it necessary to give players 4-5 rolls on the olm table, instead of the regular one, giving players a reason to go through the challenge; It needs to be more rewarding than just killing olm. Additionally, gonna shout out my other suggestion here: SAI: I would also like to see more rooms be added. We have lizardmen shamans ingame, I don't think it would be that hard to just put 3 into a room; it would also be nice to see vespula,vasa, ice demon etc be added or perhaps some of the skilling rooms, but these are not entirely necessary; or could be added at a later date. I believe it's time that OS-V got the raids that it deserves. I believe that by simply forcing players to kill a boss and progress through the next room, until we have an olm fight, with a bank before (as i dont think adding the farming to raids will be possible), in order to simulate 07 raids would be a great addition to the server.
  9. Title: Tome of Fire SLD: Currently, the tome of fire/fire surge is the highest dps magic based damage in the game. The problem is that the tome of fire is only obtainable as a rare drop from crystal keys. I personally don't think that one of the best items in the game should come from crystal key's it just doesn't make sense. I suggest that we add the tome of fire to the mage bank store at a price of 500 mb points. SAI: Would also suggest that trident be the only thing to work on them, or at the very least not have blood spells or ancients work on them. - giving the trident a reason to be obtained still.
  10. Title: Runelite features SLD: 1. "ALT" to edit "Ground Items": On the Runelite client, or any osrs client for that matter, the player has the option to quickly edit which items they wish to show on the ground by holding alt and then clicking on either a + or - sign. This would make a great addition in my opinion, should it be possible. I know personally, having to type out every single thing that I don't want to show up on the ground is tedious, and I typically just end up not using the feature all together. 2. Prayer Rearrangement: Again, on various OSRS clients, the player has the ability to "swap" and rearrange the alignment of their prayer icons, allowing them to customize how their prayer book is setup. I personally think this would make a great addition, as I find myself constantly activating eagle eye instead of rigour because I'ts just far more natural to click eagle eye. 3. XP/HR: The "skilling information" update was a great addition to the game. I know for certain that the main thing that I looked at when i skilled on 07 was my xp/hr; I was constantly trying to max out my rate, to make sure I was doing things as efficiently as possible. It would be great to be able to see this be added to the skilling information, with a way to reset it.
  11. Title: Olm fight changes SLD: Currently, the way that olm works is very drab. It takes maybe 2 raids to fully pickup on what to do and then you have the fight down, and are almost never in danger of dying. It makes the fight extremely boring, and on top of this, because of the ease of the fight, we are more than content to have the raids drops be exceedingly rare. I would suggest that there be more mechanics to the olm fight itself. I'm not sure how hard it would be to code the ring of fire, burn with me, etc etc. But I would like to see things like falling crystals, working similar to the way that the demonic gorillas have falling rocks, and It would also be nice to see the demonic gorilla mechanic where it attacks with a combat style until it is blocked 3 times then it switches. With olm it would just be 3 mage 3 range, but it would add just another thing that the player would have to pay attention to, making the fight more than just pray and attack. SAI: These are just a start to increasing the difficulty of raids, and I would love to see more ideas on how to make the olm fight more engaging - thanks for reading.
  12. Title: Pickup QOL SLD: It would be nice if, upon pickup, runes could instantly be put into the rune pouch; aswell as having arrows be put instantly into your quiver. Would also be nice if the ring of wealth could pick up ether, or have ether automatically go into a player's pvp weapon, should they have it equipped; aswell as adding the feature for blood money to be instantly picked up by a ring of wealth.