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  1. HUGE support, personally, I would love to see the farming guild be implemented into the game, with the ability to plant bushes, limpwurt seeds, snape grass seeds, and all of the other goodies that the farming guild gives on 07. But would also support just these being added. good suggestion
  2. Literally a god-tier update Matt, but please remove the ability to repair pvp armor and weapons. Here's a list of every boss that this will make irrelevant: Bandos Shamans Verzik Olm (with the exception of tbow) Armadyl Zammy (vesta's spear) Sire Etcetera
  3. Support to either of these, personally I'm more so in support of the extending of tasks instead of an increased chance to obtain the task; either way though I think these would make a good addition to the game.
  4. https://gyazo.com/60eb094c301432cb7d090aac63d71f46
  5. https://gyazo.com/fa43375d7a5eebba364ea8f6b792c901 before i died idk if that means update reg ironman aswell but ye
  6. https://gyazo.com/2bc1a6fc7f13d9d7bba8ed65e2006738 i shleep
  7. ALSO, make the equipment untradeable after being used and DELETED on death that way they can't be exploited. Thank you :).
  8. Title: PvP Armors/Weapons and How I believe they should be implemented Details: Currently, OsVeldahar has the pvp armors and weapons (vesta, morrigans, etc) coded, but not yet implemented into the game. I believe that they should be added with a couple key limitations. 1. The pvp armors and weapons should have a base drop rate of 1,000,000/Combat Level(of the monster killed). This will balance the entirety of the wilderness npcs into having a universal rate that I believe necessary for the caliber of stats that these pieces of equipment offer. 2. Degradable. I believe that by adding an unrepairable durability to the weapons, like how they were implemented originally in rs2, the weapons will not be used AS MUCH for PvE as they will for PvP. I believe that 1000 charges should be the MAXIMUM, and using the special attack of them should use 10 charges. I can't think of any other way, other than just making them inable to attack anything but players, to make the weaponry great for pvp, and great for pvm, with the added catch of not absolutely destroying every other boss in the game. Addendum: Vetion In the days of old OsV, if you ever were to pk you would have known that the biggest hotspots were: Vetion, and Kraken. With the introduction of Cave Krakens, the wilderness Kraken boss was practically made obsolete. And with the introduction of Corporeal beast and the Removal of the safespot on Vetion, the boss was killed completely. In all of my time I have never seen somebody camping Vetion, maybe one or two kills for a boss task. I know personally that if I get more than one of these bosses for a task, that I skip it as I believe it will take far too much time to kill. Vetion went from being one of the main staples of deep wilderness pking to being dead content. I believe that by re adding the safespot, something that is done in Osrs by the way, and by making the pvp gear have a flat chance of 1/500 (decreased from 1/2202), Vetion will once again become a Staple of OsVeldahar pking. Thank you for reading my suggestion :).
  9. Yes please, at the very least update voting because one of the links doesnt work. (Clean Up) With the help of the staff team, began to find and remove old threads that are either locked, spam, or irrelevant for the new release Big yes to this aswell. (Functionality) Add a link to the discord onto the site. Discord Using an RSS Feed bot, add a new channel to view the most recent comments, topics, and more added onto the forums. Rework roles to match the forum's and server's ranks. Add more channels where needed. Big yes to all of this aswell.
  10. Here's an example https://youtu.be/QGxWpobS-S4
  11. Really don't see why not, I feel that if the staff team needs new members, you would make a great addition. I can still remember watching a couple of your streams from a while back lol. I know for certain that you know a lot about the server, and I think that you very well could make a great staff member. Big support from me my guy, and good luck.
  12. Title: Smithing Perk QOL Details: Once you hit 99 smithing you have the ability to purchase the smithing skill cape, which allows you a 33% chance to save bars when smithing. However, the way that smithing works currently, when you press "Make X", it will only perform the smithing action 28 times and it will always stop, meaning if you got the smithing proc more than once (because you have a hammer), you will have leftover bars in your inventory and will have to click on the anvil once more in order to finish your inventory. I propose that instead of having the smithing action go 28 times, it will simply go until you no longer have enough bars in your inventory to smith whatever it is you are trying to smith. Additional details: This will make it so that you no longer need to click on the anvil twice per inventory when smithing post 99. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  13. sorry for this being aids to look at lol