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    For one, I would definitely like to make a statement of saying that OSV is officially dead. I definitely told everyone, prior to EVERY reset that it was a bad idea. I don't understand why everyone was senseless enough to believe that it would work. But, regardless... I do think that the server is still an amazing one, and that it still has potential. Yes, it has aged by quite a lot and behind in updates; but, that isn't what made us come to know and love the server. We like it because of the grind and, because of the special feeling when we would see a drop or hit the next level. I would prefer to bring that back. Reset only harm the community. And to be honest if Matt hasn't learned that by now he doesn't care about the server anymore and should just drop it. Now, I'm not saying he has lost faith but I will say that he isn't in the predicament to really assist with the server from what we've seen. I have literally not even played the server because it's extremely demotivating to play something that you know might be reset in the next year. With ever large game or system if someone abuses it they rollback or ban. I don't think that a full reset ever helps. I say try something new. bring back the old Veldaharian accounts. whether they would like to say with their current build or go back to the furthest builds that they had created. It would be very interesting to see the outcome and probably would bring back old players because they will have nostalgia. Even if it fails it's better than not having anything at all. Right now the resets only created another timer that's shorter for people. AND you stupid people that enjoy it aren't donating anyway, I definitely stopped when after the first reset because it made no sense and was incredibly dumb to attempt. Hence why now I vote for #MAKEOSVGREATAGAIN
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    I'd be down with that tbh, I just primarily think that this entire situation could've been avoided because the server wasn't bad prior to reset, it just needed to be updated. I think the reset made a lot of players bitter and by being that way they became ignorant. But it's to be expected; for example this time around it was not hearing anything and then bam reset. I don't know what the people staying received because I remembered it was supposed to be a reward. But I think nothing can help when the main thing you grinded for is now gone. I don't think it was the items, but mores the grind for levels. It's demotivating to grind for 6 months for max just to be reset in the 7th month lol.
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    I do not think we can put the entire blame on Matt for this one. This reset had more toxic people than i've seen in previous years, people were trolling players who joined, told them we were resetting from the start, telling them Matt never updated, (which he was doing at the time, updates every few days) etc. Which made quite a few of them leave, so in short, basically players drove away players. There's a few reasons to why we failed, and advertisements as previously spoken about was one of them, but not because there was a lack of trying. (In short, Matt had a big problem trying to get youtubers to work with us, they stopped replying to his messages etc.) My personal opinion is; We've been a eco server for a few years now, we've had success, and we have had our downfalls. I personally do not think a eco server is worth giving another go, as it has not turned out as well in the past as we all have hoped. I would like us to change the direction of Os-veldahar, and bring back Os-PvP. Again, this is just my personal opinion.
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    I think everyone had a special place for osv in their hearts. Lol. But if I’m completely honest this latest downfall was after the lack of adverts, updates, and simply communicatiom. We all got ghosted 3 weeks into this reset. Who knows tho. I guess be hopeful.