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    Evening, Veldaharians! Today I have a small batch of fixes, alot more is in the works which I can show behind the scenes of soon! More advertisements are being looked into as well, awaiting quite a few replies. But they should be here soon. Game Changes: Now you are able to wield weapons/armour that previously had degraded. Brown apron is no longer tradeable. Karil's crossbow can now be fired properly. Arclight has again received a slight buff in both accuracy and damage. An issue where some weapons would keep the attack style over to another weapon has been changed. Most items should be sorted. The ring of wealth will now pick up revenant ether as well, if you have space for it. Combat dummy now counts as undead and demon as well for max hits.
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    I've already given up tbh, and i think others are doing the same, slow updates, suggestions never get a look at, no community to support any end game content, forums are dead, game is empty, and once again Matt you are nowhere to be seen, bored of promises which never get answered but hey a lot of money has been made, so see you next reset i guess. Ban me for speaking my mind if you wish, but someone had to say something...