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    Hey there guys and gals just making a post for some suggestions mostly QOL stuff. 1. Have the skilling options tab like OSRS. I don’t what they call theirs but the layout and options are great. Where you can click space bar or one mouse click to make all fo something etc. A little change but it can save you lots of time with skilling 2. Have a teleport to the mining guild. Or have the Mining skill cape work as a tele for it. 3. I could be wrong but it feels like the accuracy of the Archlight is off. Could be just me but I feel like it is. 4. Forum updates every so often as to what is being worked on before an update is released, or just like a little memo/post of how your work is going. Being a Veteran here I know the updates take time which is understandable considering how good they always are!!! And I appreciate all of the staffs hard works from the low level staff to the highest level :). But I feel like those kinds of post could make quite the difference with keeping newer plays around who probably get scared off by not seeing an update or a post for a week or two. Like I said the OSV veterans understand these updates take time but I feel like it could just help keep some new faces around 5. That’s all I got for now. Thanks to Matt and the staff everyone works hard and we appreciate it, even if it isn’t said all the time. cheers, Sehrin.