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    Evening, Veldaharians! Today we bring you some more fixes and additions to the server from suggestions and bug reports! Thank you all for reporting in, keep it up. And hope you all enjoy. Note: Your client will attempt to automatically download the new update when you connect. If it does not work properly, download the new client directly from the forums. Game Changes: Farming will now show up with skill info as well. XP Gained within skill info will now be formatted properly. And saved individually within a session. Player walking has been altered and should be improved. Still some work to do. Let me know if theres improvements. Auto-retaliate will no longer stop you to retaliate an npc if you are moving. You will no longer receive skeletal wyvern's as a task if you are below level 72 Slayer. Buy and sell X option has been added to shops. With the maximum amount of 10k set. Great olm droptable can now be browsed in the npc drop tables. Great olm kills will now be announced like other bosses. Cave bugs now have 6 hitpoints as supposed to. Pest control pet will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Thieving pet will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Elite void pieces will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have them. Have it in your inventory and relog. Elder maul will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Scythe of vitur will now automatically complete in your collection log if you have one. Have it in your inventory and relog. Deep wilderness dungeon has been added, going down the stairs in level 51 wilderness will bring you there. - The shortcut in deep wilderness dungeon requires 45 agility and completion of medium wilderness diary. Charging the trident of the seas(e) now only requires 1 scale per charge, rather than 100. You are now able to zoom out further on the client. Nature runes on zulrah's droptable has been changed to snakeskin. Opening the bank will now close the skill info. So the visual bug should no longer occur. "Eat" option has been removed from jangerberries. Changed the text color of when you complete a slayer task. PVP Armours are now obtainable! (Morrigan's throwing axe, Morrigan's javelin and Zuriel's staff are still to be added) - They can be obtained only from npcs within the wilderness, with a bigger chance from bosses. - Each piece is degradable and will break after 1000 hits. You can repair and/or reclaim them from the wise old man in edgeville bank for a price. - Current rates are: -> - Npcs with a combat level under 100: 1/2100 - Combat Level -> - Npcs with a combat level over 100: 1/1000 - Combat Level -> - Being on a krystilia task will boost the rates to: -> - Npcs with a combat level under 100: 1/1900 - Combat Level -> - Npcs with a combat level over 100: 1/800 - Combat Level
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    Good day, Veldaharians! Another batch of fixes and some additions as well, hope you all enjoy The client will update automatically when you try to connect, if it does not. Download the client manually through the forums. Or use this link: HERE Game Changes: Pest control will now stop the current game correctly if there is no-one at the actual island. Pest control donator points will now deal out properly even if you do not have the rank set visible. Donator zone furnace clicking ratio has been sorted. Verzik will now heal herself if you die solo. Verzik will now dissapear if you die more than 3 times in the same instance. Tome of fire stats has been sorted. Some item alch values has been increased, if there is more. Let me know. The duel interface is being looked into, in the meantime: DDS/Whip option will Disable all equipment slots. You can no longer manually enable/disable certain equipment slots. (For the time being) Skill info box: The client now has a new toggleable feature withing the settings tab. Enabling this will prompt an interface while you are skilling showing some info such as: Current Level Current XP Actions left to level up XP Gained
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    Quick and small little update today, mostly backend work has been done for this one. Your client will automatically update when you connect to the server, if you have any issues with it. Download it manually from the forum again. Game Changes: Catherby farming patch will now save properly if you logout. Some backend fixes has been done to npc handling in general. Quite some items that has hidden accuracy and/or damage bonuses has been tweaked/fixed. Bank settings: An additional interface has been added to the bank. Within this interface you are able to: Enable bank fillers Set your withdraw quantity
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    Subject and date Description Elevated DDoS attack activity We are seeing a burst in DDoS attack activity today from a large botnet that is temporarily generating very large quantities of traffic. Customers may have noticed several brief (less than 30 second) events today with elevated packet loss. As always, we analyze every large attack, send out abuse notifications, block the attacking bots, etc. INAP has told us that they are working on capacity upgrades that should allow us to upgrade as well. We don't currently have an ETA from INAP on when those will be complete. They are currently under attack and are looking into it, so some disconnects can be present during this time. I'll let you all know when I get an update. Sorry for the invonvenience, but it is out of my control. /Matt
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    Good day, Veldaharians! A couple of bug fixes has been sorted for this update, I appreciate everyone reporting them in. Keep doing so and I'll sort them out as soon as I can. Game Changes: Viggoras chainmace now works as intended. The droprate of the brimstone keys has been buffed slightly. Brutal blue dragons can now be killed if given a blue dragon task by konar. Aberrant spectres will no longer be given in the slayer tower by konar. Farming will no longer mess up, they will now update properly. Wilderness diary has received a change: You now only have to kill 50 Callisto, instead of 140. You now only have to kill 50 Venenatis, instead of 140. You now only have to kill 50 Vetion, instead of 140. Tier 10 emblem is now tradable. Surge spells can now be autocasted. Revenants very rare droptable rarity has been upped meaning it should be a bit harder to receive a drop from that table. Craw's bow strength has been lowered slightly.
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    I'll have something posted shortly, we're in the middle of testing and ironing everything out
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    I think I got the first Herbi pet on HCIM this reset. I got it at level 3 herblore cleaning a guam.
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    HUGE support, personally, I would love to see the farming guild be implemented into the game, with the ability to plant bushes, limpwurt seeds, snape grass seeds, and all of the other goodies that the farming guild gives on 07. But would also support just these being added. good suggestion
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    Proud of you Matt, I remember when you were helper for Abnant and now you're owner, know how to code, and have the love for the server and heart that nobody else here has. The updates are really consistent and strong and I thank you for that.
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    Literally a god-tier update Matt, but please remove the ability to repair pvp armor and weapons. Here's a list of every boss that this will make irrelevant: Bandos Shamans Verzik Olm (with the exception of tbow) Armadyl Zammy (vesta's spear) Sire Etcetera
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    Suggestion title: Slayer task rework or addition Info: I believe it would be beneficial for the server to implement a rework for the slayer tasks at high levels. It is not unheard of to get 99 slayer without an Abby demon task or a cave kraken task. I think we should add a new slayer reward to increase the rate or frequency of specific high tier slayer tasks such as: Dagganoth, gargoyles, nechs, Abby demons, cave krakens, hell hounds, etc. We could also add a slayer level requirement as well. or this could be implemented by being able to unlock slayer master Steve with specific level and slayer point cost. He would only assign the monster that are to be determined on the list. The final option is to add the rewards that are in osrs that increase the amount of a given task, but this still does not help the frequency of the task being assigned. Additional exposition: i would really like to hear what the community thinks when it comes to amount of points to unlock, what tasks included in this, if there should be a new slayer master all together like Steve who only assigned the listed monsters, or if we just change the potential frequency given by Duradel. I would like to hear what monsters you believe should be added to the reward. Thanks for the time and consideration.
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    Staff: Best Overall - park Most Professional - Matt Best Role Model - wengs Most Active - halp Most Respected - insta Most active In-game - insta Most active on Forums - wengs Players: Most Active In-game - silence Most Active on Forums - corbo Most Wealthy - silence Most Friendly - ulti dann Most Respected - fatal floors Most Helpful - whois420ish Most Mature - vuurvlam Coolest Veteran - satan Best Pker - tdawg Best PvMer - silence Best Skiller - wengs (he knows) Best Hardcore Ironman - iron carbz Best Ultimate Ironman - Renaissance Best Ironman - gtgmrei Best 5x - meneer naab Funniest - ulti dann the man Kindest - Renaissance Most Annoying - Fart guy
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    Staff: Best Overall: Park Most Professional: Halp Best Role Model: Halp Most Active: none Most Respected: Park Most active In-game: none Most active on Forums: Wengs Players: Most Active In-game: none Most Active on Forums: none Most Wealthy: Silence Most Friendly: Mythical Most Respected: Travis Most Helpful: none Most Mature: Travis Coolest Veteran: Gtgmrei Best Pker: none Best PvMer: none Best Skiller: none Best Hardcore Ironman: Gnome Best Ultimate Ironman: Precision Best Ironman: Gtgmrei Best 5x: none Funniest: Gnome Kindest: none Most Annoying: none
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    Trident https://gyazo.com/a902caa3ff36f6d1242359343a1aa14e vissy https://gyazo.com/b9428821bcf1d4ca9f61d35d63d52f9b 200m str https://gyazo.com/bada9b0623252fcb72e95e81660be05a Skotizo Pet https://gyazo.com/71a159299db9a79dbfb45ed0d5a65063
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    I'm gonna have to disagree with this one. Slayer is already set up in a way that makes it incredibly easy to amass a ton of points. If this was implemented it would be quite easy to skip only a couple of times for lucrative tasks, which would devalue the rarity of some of those items. Yeah, it isn't perfect, but I don't think this is the solution.
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    Please take some time to update the voting toplist pages: https://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-45096-osveldahar/ The last time they were updated is when Vorkath was added. Bugs: - Auto retaliate. Once again addressing this rather annoying bug: When you try to walk somewhere and an npc attacks you, you should still keep walking to the spot you clicked on, not respond to the npc attacking you - Npc's can attack through walls - When you climb down the stairs south of the pirates hideout near mage arena you appear in the Falador mine - You can get wyverns as a slayer task without having 72 slayer yet. Should be looked into if there's more tasks that you can receive without having the slayer lvl - Teleblock should wear off once you leave the wilderness, currently it does not - Cannon only starts attacking an npc when you're in combat with the npc - Pet penance queen isn't added to Collection log when obtained Suggestions - Add Construction skill - Add Staff of Light (Staff of the dead + Saradomin's Light) - Add Spellbook filters https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/spellbook-filters-and-bounty-hunter-changes?oldschool=1&gsi=kc8suk - Add Teleport Wizard or a portal @ home - Add the Deep Wilderness Dungeon (including the monsters) where the stairs in deep wildy are supposed to go to -> Add Fire Giants to Wildy Slayer tasks - Add Goldsmith Gauntlets to vote shop and make it give bonus smithing xp - Add heblore secondaries to pest control (I.e: 10 snape grass = 5 pc points) - Add herblore secondaries to slayer shop (I.e 10 snape grass = 25 slayer points - Add right-click 'Cancel task' to slayer masters - Add unfinished and finished broad bolts to slayer shop - Add 'Player Attack options' and 'NPC Attack options' to settings - Bring back Pre-sets - Change cave bugs hp to 6 (currently 96) - Make glories lose their charges and make them chargeable at the Fountain of rune
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    I agree with some sort of rework, I believe reworking the likelihood of getting the most desired tasks is the best way to do this.
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    Agreed with new slayer master: Abyssal demons Greater demons Black demons Hell hounds Cave krakens Aviansie Dark beast Rune dragons
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    I agree, but don't add secondaries to pc and slay shop, as hell hounds drop them easily, also "cancel task" option shouldn't be added, it makes life easier, but I don't atleast think its on osrs, as we don't need too many handicaps to help, teleblock I agree 100%, I love the glory idea, so we have the chance at eternal glory, but one thing I would like to add it, I dislike that when u die in wildy, you protect untradables over some potential valuable items, like row (I) d scimmy, even though they go into ur bank, so id like that to change so u don't protect untradables unless u will lose them 30+ wldy
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    Oldschool rates has changed drastically since this thread was last updated; 1M oldschool will now be equivalent to 0,65$ USD. So a donation of 15M is now (9,75$) but we round it up to 10$
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    Don't worry man. As u said, it's out of your reach. I hope it'll get sorted soon.
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    Good day, Veldaharians! The time is here where we are now going LIVE after quite some time now. The client link is available from the top menu, it will automatically download the cache for you. So you are ready to play. Hope to see you all ingame! So what has been done for this release? Well, quite alot has been altered/added in the past time however not all of it is visual which is why not everything is written down. But in wide range these are the updates done to OS-V recently. Game Changes: Tome of fire will now apply a damage boost when using it combined with fire spells. Occult necklace now provides 10% mage damage bonus. Kodai wand now provides 15% mage damage bonus. Imbued god capes now provides 2% mage damage bonus. Twisted bow shall now be more effective towards cerberus. Pest control points shall now be dealt correctly according to your rank bonus. Vorkath shall now wake up properly even if attacked by a projectile. After purchasing the dwarf-cannon, the buyback price is now automatically lowered to 250.000gp F-keys can now be modified to what you want them to be, using the interface opened by the command ::fkeys Surge spells has been added to the modern spellbook. A bug where wind strike spell could not be cast without autocasting has been fixed. Pet-rates have been lowered significantly and should be abit easier to obtain. Corporeal beast will now only spawn two cores instead of six throughout the fight. Nieve dialogue has been sorted when you have an active task from her. Autochat has been added to the client, simply right-click on "public" in the chatbox menu to configure it. You can now clear your current private messages by simply right-clicking "private" in the chatbox menu. The old autocast icon has been removed. Everyone who has dealt at least 300 damage towards olm will now get a killcount when it is dead. Remaining XP count will now show when hovering over a skill within the skilltab. Total xp will now show when hovering over total level within the skilltab. Olm droptable for resources amounts has been decreased significantly. You can now set your destination at the wilderness obelisks when you have completed wilderness hard diary. The farming patch at catherby can now be used as well as the one at falador. Pet dark core can now be morphed to the corporeal critter. Pet jal nib rek cam now be morphed to tzrek zuk. Crystal chest now has an individual counter to keep track of how many you have opened. Boots of stone has been added to the slayer store. Dwarf cannon should now be dropped on the floor if an ultimate ironman logs out. Items and entities with certain textures should no longer be flickering. Slayer interface should now always show correct slayer points in the top right corner. Slayer's staff(e) can no longer be used on non-task npcs. Level-7 Enchantment has been added for Zenyte jewellery, requiring a magic level of 93. The way probita checks for pets has been sorted, all pets can now be stored. Operating the ring of dueling will now bring you to the correct locations. All swords now have the correct stab animation when choosing that attack-style. When receiving a looting bag or rune pouch as a drop it will now announce you. Camo helmet no longer makes your face invisible. Dragon claws damage modifier has been lowered. All trees at woodcutting guild can now be cut again. Home teleport button in each spellbook has received an update with two donator teleports as well, regular and north teleport. Graceful set check has been bettered and should now work as intended even if only one or two pieces are worn. There is now a portal at the back of the abyss which brings you to the wrath altar, which requires 95 runecrafting to craft at. Spellbook tab icon will now update depending on which spellbook you are currently on. Charged items should no longer drop charges to ironmen accounts. Ranger's tights, ranger's tunic, fremennik kilt and spiked manacles will now be announced when received from a clue. Ahrim the blighted will no longer hit through your magic prayer, he will now lower your stats when doing his special attack. A new client login screen has been added, all credits to @renaissance Most of the trees and rocks can now again be cut/mined as they changed id's with the client data update. If anymore is missing/doesn't work, let me know. A typo where adam says you chose x1 mode when you actually chose x5 mode was corrected. The objects within the inferno minigame should no longer become invisible. Npcs with a hitpoint level of at least 200 will now have a slightly larger hp bar. Dragon bolts can now be fletched and combined with the different bolt tips. Item operating in the equipment tab has now been sorted properly. The gates to chickens and cow training areas have been removed. Slayer helmet bonus now works as intended when using magic as well. Dwarven rock cake will now damage you in 10's if your hp is above 10 else it will deal 1 damage. Ironmen, ultimate ironmen and hardcore ironmen can now purchase pickaxes in the falador mine after completing easy falador diary. Obsidian armour has now been moved to it's own rare table making them more easy to obtain. Obsidian armour has been added to the tokkul shop as well. 3rd Age bow can now fire arrows up to dragon. Red spiders has been added into the wilderness part of edgeville dungeon. The trident of the seas(e) can now be crafted by using three tentacles on a regular trident of the seas. - The trident of the seas is charged similar to the regular trident, however it takes zulrah scales instead of coins. - The trident of the seas(e) has additional mage damage bonus and can inflict venom damage. - The trident of the seas(e) holds up to 20.000 charges instead of the regular 2.500. The trident of the swamp(e) can now be crafted by using three tentacles on a regular trident of the swamp. - The trident of the swamp(e) holds up to 20.000 charges instead of the regular 2.500. Ground item names will now show items worth over 150.000gp in a different color to different some of the more valueable drops mor easily. Edgeville has received a make-over. The main bank has been edited slightly. West of the bank is an area where we are still to decide what to use for. South of the bank is now where you start your duels. South of that is now a gambling area for dicing and flower poker. The new donator zone exists of most that what was available in the old zone. Two banks, a large bank on the south part of the zone including: 4 Banks Poll booth Crystal chest Trapdoor for donator slayer cave Teleportation device Cooking range Pottery oven Furnace Anvil Market stall with sigmund the merchant to sell to Prayer altar Ornate pool And some npcs and shops: Tanner Bob barter (Decanter) Zul-areth General store Grace (Agility teleports) Just east of the southern bank you have an area with obelisks including: Obelisk of fire Obelisk of water Obelisk of air Obelisk of earth A new donator zone has been created. (Same command ::dz and a new command added for the north part of dz ::dzn) Up on the north-east part of the zone there is another bank, slightly smaller but includes; 4 Banks Teleportation device Trapdoor for donator slayer cave Crystal chest Right west of the north bank there is a spawn of 6 yew trees and 6 magic trees. Right west of those trees there is a mining field which includes: 4 Gold rocks 5 Adamant rocks 6 Rune rocks 6 Gem rocks In the center of the map runs the water where you can fish for: Sharks Mantas Karambwans Anglerfish The following items has been corrected to show unlimited runes within the magic tab; Tome of fire Dust battlestaff Smoke battlestaff Mystic steam staff Mist battlestaff Kodai wand Verzik vitur has been completed for clan raids: Three phases with different special attacks, most are similar to osrs. You are given a dawnbringer in the beginning of the fight and four pillars are spawned. We suggest you take cover behind them. New items available as drops from verzik including: Scythe of vitur - Chargeable, when charged it can hit three times on an npc if their size is greater than or 2. Sanguinesti staff - Chargeable, must have charges to be used. Comes with a built-in spell which is powerful and can heal the user. Ghrazi rapier - Quick, light and dangerous weapon. Avernic hilt - Can be used to combine into an Avernic defender. Great defence bonus. Justiciar set - Has a set effect if all parts are worn. Reducing quite some damage from PvM. Lithkren vault has been added, you can get there by browsing the slayer teleports (Ctrl+T, 5, E) In lithkren vault you will find the adamant dragon and the rune dragon. These drop dragon metal shard and dragon metal slice. These can be used to smith a Dragon kiteshield at the Dragon forge. A dragon kiteshield ornament kit can be attached to the shield to create a gold-trimmed version of the shield. The ornament can be obtained from master clue scrolls. In the north part of the vault stands the big machinery in which you can use to craft the ferocious gloves. Creating ferocious gloves in lithkren vault. Collection log has been added Will log most of your drops and obtainables. WIll log at which killcount you received the first one if it was as a drop. Logs include Bosses - Various bosses across OSV Raids - Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of blood Clues - Easy, medium, hard, master and shared Minigames - Pest control, fight caves, barrows, warriors guild and inferno Pets - All pets that are obtainable in OSV Over 20 more items has been added to clue rewards: Easy: Frog slippers Monks robe top(t) Monks robe(t) Cape of skulls Wolf mask Wolf cloak Sandwich lady hat Sandwich lady top Sandwich lady bottom Staff of bob the cat Mole slippers Medium: Spiked manacles Uris hat Rangers tights Hard: Fremennik kilt Dual sai Master 3rd age druidic robe top 3rd age druidic robe bottom 3rd age druidic staff 3rd age druidic cloak 3rd age plateskirt The items above have all been added to the collection log as well. The following items can no longer be stored in the UIM untradable storage: Looting bag Rune pouch Gem bag Seed box Herb sack Revenants edits Revenants droptables have been edited slightly, some new items added are: Craw's bow - When Craw's bow is charged with revenant ether, an additional 50% ranged accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness, consuming 1 ether per attack whether the player hits or not. Thammaron's sceptre - When Thammaron's sceptre is charged with revenant ether, an additional 100% magic accuracy and 25% magic damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness, consuming 1 ether per attack whether the player hits or not. Viggora's chainmace - When Viggora's chainmace is charged with revenant ether, an additional 50% melee accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness, consuming 1 ether per attack whether the player hits or not. Amulet of avarice - When equipped the player becomes skulled, while equipped all drops in revenant caves will be noted. A new slayer master has been added - Konar quo Maten She can be accessed on Mount Karuulm A teleport has been added to Slayer, going to Mount Karuulm (Ctrl+T, 5, F) When she assigns you a task she will assign you a specific location as well, where you have to do your task. When you are on a task from Konar, you have a chance of obtaining the Brimstone key when you are killing your task. You can use this key with the brimstone chest just next to Konar. Karuulm slayer dungeon has been added. You must have boots of stone or boots of brimstone when wandering the karuulm dungeon, else you will be dealt 4 damage every tick. Karuulm slayer dungeon contains the following npcs: Greater demons Fire giants Hellhounds Wyrms (With additional task only area) Hydras (With additional task only area) Drakes (With additional task only area) New items available as drops from drake including: Drake's tooth - Can be combined with holy sandals to create devout boots. Drake's claw - Can be combined with the boots of stone to create the boots of brimstone. Alchemical Hydra Alchemical hydra has been completed for instanced fights: To be able to fight hydra you must first gain some more knowledge, you can do so by any slayer master. Costing 500 Slayer points. Four phases including lowering their defence using the different colored vents. New items available as drops from hydra including: Dragon knifes - A new type of throwable range weaponry, includes a special attack which throws two knifes at once. Hydra tail - Can be combined with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher to combine the effects of both. Hydra leather - Can be used into crafting ferocious gloves. The best in slot melee gloves. Hydras claw - Can be combines with the zamorakian hasta to create the dragon hunter lance. Hydras eye, hydras fang and hydras heart - Can all be combined to create the brimstone ring. Hydra heads - Can be used to create the hydra slayer helmet.
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    Hello, you all have known me for a while. I've been here atleast since late 2015 or early 2016. I was a mod in the iron chat, I helped beta test the server the past few days while you guys were fixing it. I have sunk thousands of hours into this again. I feel like I should ask for the rank? I dont want the forum rank, only the in game veteran rank, as I'm not a big forum user. Thank you, MF/Dylan
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    Sounds fun I did everything I wanted other than get assembler I’d love to but don’t play it enough anymore
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    Suggestion title: Obsidian Armor Suggestion long description: As it stands, a player will suffer along with no strength bonus gear in their legs slot (and ironmen in their helmet slot aswell), until they are able to receive bandos, gear that is what I would consider to be late game. When the game launches, if the tzhaar-ket drop table is to stay the same, any one piece of obsidian armor will remain to be around 1/4k. Tzhaar kets are not farmed at all for anything as the obsidian armor is substantially rare from them, as are all of their other drops. I suggest that the tzhaar ket's drop chance of obsidian armor be moved to a to the "rare" slot and be given a drop rate of 1/128. This will allow people to grind for Obsidian Armor, I also suggest that they be added to the tokkul store at the prices set on OSRS ( in tokkul: 100k for legs, 125k for body 85k for helm). Or even a new npc that ONLY sells this armor set, but requires you to have completed a firecape, and have access to the inferno area, giving the inferno area a well needed upgrade. Suggestion additional information: I believe that this will usher in a new era, where Obsidian armor is the go-to for training and early game, where people have something to strive for before they reach the late game. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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    Suggestion title: Pickaxe Seller Suggestion long description: As it stands, there is no way for a fresh HCIM to mine efficiently without having to gear up first. In osrs, Ironmen are able to purchase a runite Pickaxe from the dwarves in the falador mine for I believe 32k. I suggest that we add this pickaxe seller to the game, adding the pre-requisite of the falador easy diary, and upping the price to that of around 500k. --- back when the server was active one of the many questions that new ironmen ask are "how do I get a rune pickaxe"? because mining is a skill that is needed in order to get a dragon defender (through smithing armor sets), early range training (via iron knives/darts) and late game range gear, in the form of rune darts/arrows aswell as being possibly one of the best moneymakers for an early game ironman. Suggestion additional information: I believe that by adding this NPC, it will simplify the process and bring ironman mode one step closer to being as true to osrs as it can be. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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    Username: Whois420ish Time online (screenshot): I do not currently have a screenshot of my time online, i have gotten a new computer and did not transfer over my pictures before i reset it to sell it. But i'm sure many players and staff or ex staff can vouch i played for a LOOOOOOONNNGGG time haha. Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: 1: Reliability- I think that Reliability is a major part of being a staff member, mainly because people need to be able to rely on you to answer questions, show them how to do something, or help with an issue. Not only is it a big role in helping players, but also helping other staff and the owner. 2: Respect- Respect is an important quality to me because in my opinion without respect you will have a hard time with talking to other players, being a successful helper or moderator, or communicating issues between two or more players. 3: Impartiality: Meaning (equal treatment of all rivals or disputants) I personally think this is a KEY trait in being a helper or any kind of staff member. When a dispute is brought to you, i think it is wrong to choose a side right away because one of the players are a good friend of yours or even an enemy or someone you dislike. I'm not saying it is good to throw a friend under the bus to save your staff rank. But i feel it is unfair and unjust to pick a side based on your history with a certain player. 4: Dedication- I feel this is a good trait to have just because if you do not love the server you are staff on, how can you be a good staff member. Not saying it is impossible to do if you aren't dedicated, just that in my opinion and from previous experience, it's better to love and enjoy and be dedicated to the server you want to be a staff member on. I've been playing this server since way back, for example i remember Vet'tion dropping Sigils that corp now drop because he was added in later on. 5: Calm & Collective Personality- This partially ties in with #2 (Respect) but i feel they are separate in terms of traits you should have, and by definition as well. I believe that this is important because in most cases, it's hard for someone to connect with you and explain their issues when you are spastic or get easily offended and/or angry and have an attitude with them for little to no reason. How many hours can you play a day: 5+ Previous Experience: None, this is the only server I played heavily, and probably the only server I would ever want to take on the responsibility as a Staff Member. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I feel that i am suited for this position because I have a ton of experience and knowledge of the server. Not only do i have experience, but I know a majority of the players and love and respect all of them. I also love and cherish this server above all others. I have so many good memories with OSV and maybe a couple not so good but that helps build character. Not to mention I respect the owner (Matt) (Hey bro hope all is well with you! I'm so stoked you brought OSV back and will spread the word to anyone I know that is interested). I also love to help players, I used to livestream guides as well as livestream things to entertain and spread the word about the server. I'm am Ecstatic to see OSV come back and I hope that I will be able to help with the upkeep and order of the server! See you all soon! Are there any issues we should know about?: None that I can think of, I work 10 hours a day, but that will not change me being able to play at least 5 hours a day.
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    Evening, Veldaharians! The re-launch date has been changed. So instead of 15th of june, we will now go live at 14th of june. One day earlier! Hope to see you all ingame!
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    Hey everyone, Here is a reintroduction to OSV I'm actually buzzing for launch see you all Friday!
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    Hello, My name is Setup. I've been a community member since OS-PvP in 2014. For the longest time, I held the most amount of PvP Kills until OS-Veldahar was released. Before OS-Veldahar's first reset, I was nearly a maxed account and had a lot of great items. In the early stages OS-PvP, I was promoted to Moderator, where I worked alongside Matt as a game moderator. I resigned a few months longer, but never left the community. I'm really looking forward to the re-launch of OS-V and hope to see Matt create something amazing once again. I will continue to throw my ideas out there, so that they can help benefit the server and the community. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to have a conversation, feel free to send me a Private Message on the forums. #OS-V 2019
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    make a series where u try to get good cus u are pretty bad
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    Collection log is 90% complete, only clue rewards left:
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    Ah shit... here we go again..
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    i hope u make ur words come true, u have said that to many times matt,starting to lose faith in u..... damn…...i was so close this time this became a sad story...…