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    Uhhh uhhh, glad to hear that. I hope you design it user-friendly and rewarding.. I will give it try for the last time
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    I appreciate the enthusiasm Slay and i too want nothing more than to see this server succeed because i also think its the best server out there but it really does have 1 major downfall and I'm sorry to say this Matt as much as i like you but its you! This is probably my 5th / 6th reset (i've lost count) and to be honest the resets are speeding up. Every single time Matt's presence is present for the first few weeks whilst the donations are flying in and then after the first few weeks the messages and promises start to come "Sorry i've been away" for various reasons, promises that the donation money will go to Add's for the server which never happens etc etc. you have to spend money to make money Matt remember that not just reset when you run out of it. I'm sorry but it needed to be said, i expect this won't go down well and i will more than likely be banned but freedom of speech right. i will more than likely be back no doubt but as Slay said, lets do it right this time and that includes you Matt. Love you all. Corbo
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    I miss you Trav