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  2. Nice Updates Matt! Keep going!
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  5. 1. impatiently waiting for that halloween event. x)

    2. love and miss you all. i hope to see more of everyone soon once we have nightmare in the game, seems like thats not far away either. <3


  6. very much supprted, i hope u getting be a stafmember,we need an active person and that is u for certain
  7. Username: Lovergirl11 Time online (screenshot): Cant Screenshot my Time online due to it being reset Twice " But I have over 60 days " "Travis and Other's can vouch for this" Timezone: Eastern Standard Time "Canada Land" What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: 1. Maturity: This one is big personally I believe this plays a big role into picking Staff due to the fact that if you aren't Mature it could turn into a massive mess. 2. Communication: Having good Communication skills is key especially when dealing with players and other staff member you don't want to mislead anyone. 3. Transparency: Nobody likes a Member of Staff that they can't trust it can cause a lot of un needed problems so being Transparent about everything is a plus. 4. Activity: Being ACTIVE is I believe one of the most important qualities you can possess being there to help is what we are signing up for. 5. Helpful: Being HELPFUL is a MAJOR part of getting this role, Just because now that I have staff rank does mean I can stop HELPING others I personally want the position to keep helping people. How many hours can you play a day: - I can play As much as needed even after this "Corona Virus" is over. Normally I'm on anywhere from 8-12 hours Previous Experience: - I have Been Staff on Several servers, Helper, Moderator, Admin, And a Community Manager. I have also Been a Developer on Several Projects. Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): - I Believe I would be a good fit on this team as I get along with most of the staff team already I am Teaming my GIM with All the Staff on the server we have good Communication already and I know the server like the back of my hand I know pretty much everything there is to know about all gamemodes other then UIM I know some, I know locations of almost all npcs. I know some tips and tricks for new players and even old. I have always done my best with helping people out when they needed it. I believe I have a good relationship with most of the players in this server I haven't even been in trouble with the server I have been playing since 2015 and quite Frankly, OSV is HOME to me and I would be honored to Keep it going strong and being part of this amazing Staff team. Are there any issues we should know about?: - I Know I'm bound to have some hater's out there but tbh I can't recall any but I would just like to say to them that this isn't a personally issue this is based off if I am a helpful player and know the game. Thanks for taking the time to read and please leave any comments i would love to hear everyone's Opinions.
  8. Game Changes: Cerberus ghosts should no longer spawn after cerberus has reached 0 hp, let me know how this works. Runead was removed as an option for voting, other options are being looked into. When logging out while at hydra you will now spawn outside hydras door when logging in. Ferocious gloves can now be used on the machinery to turn them back into leather. Dragon claws special accuracy and damage bonus has been increased slightly, let me know how they are. Items lost at alchemical hydra will now save properly even if you logout.
  9. hello hey hi heyllo everyone, hope everybody is doin' good and being being safe with all this crazy shit going on. love and miss all of you <3

  10. great suggestions could benefit the server.
  11. haya

    You got my support Haya!
  12. haya

    Username: Haya (went by iron fainted back in the day) Time online (screenshot): Timezone: UTC+2 - netherlands What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: respect, calmness, know when to joke around, handle a sitaution with ease, take your time explaining new players How many hours can you play a day: depends on the day but i play mostly 3-6 hours a day Previous Experience: TheWildy moderator for over 2 years admin on a few 718's(all of em dont exist anymore) Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): i have been doing my best at helping people, i have alot of knowledge about the server (alot of ironman tips :P) Are there any issues we should know about?: nope, if you want to know something about me just ask
  13. Today was a great day for me on the server all because I got promoted to moderator. So happy to be able to help my community in any way that is needed. Thank you all  for your support, it means the world to me.

  14. I forgot to add also. The withdrawal options osrs has also at the bottom of the bank tab. Where you can select a click to be a certain withdraw amount. 1,14 or all for example. The option too where certain items in your inventory get deposited and not every single item.
  15. Hey there guys and gals just making a post for some suggestions mostly QOL stuff. 1. Have the skilling options tab like OSRS. I don’t what they call theirs but the layout and options are great. Where you can click space bar or one mouse click to make all fo something etc. A little change but it can save you lots of time with skilling 2. Have a teleport to the mining guild. Or have the Mining skill cape work as a tele for it. 3. I could be wrong but it feels like the accuracy of the Archlight is off. Could be just me but I feel like it is. 4. Forum updates every so often as to what is being worked on before an update is released, or just like a little memo/post of how your work is going. Being a Veteran here I know the updates take time which is understandable considering how good they always are!!! And I appreciate all of the staffs hard works from the low level staff to the highest level :). But I feel like those kinds of post could make quite the difference with keeping newer plays around who probably get scared off by not seeing an update or a post for a week or two. Like I said the OSV veterans understand these updates take time but I feel like it could just help keep some new faces around 5. That’s all I got for now. Thanks to Matt and the staff everyone works hard and we appreciate it, even if it isn’t said all the time. cheers, Sehrin.
  16. Welcome back bud, haven't seen you in quite some time
  17. I have no idea how I didn't see this reintroduction until now. I'm happy you have returned and very happy we have became more acquainted and are now friends. I can't wait to see what achievements you accomplish! Welcome back, bro.
  18. hello hey hi heyllo

  19. I am back OSV. I had to quit playing last time due to IRL situations I needed to focus on. For those who know me I have been known as one of the most wealthy bankstanders, a member of staff, owner of "pvm masters" cc, and a scrub. I am glad to be apart of this amazing community and hope to obtain the milestones and achievements I once had and strive for new ones. Thanks OSV Staff Team and OSV Community <3
  20. #OlmDaddy#Nolifer#ProOSmode#FAB

  21. HelloHello oldsquad #NoLiferIsBack ... but wont nolife anymore seeyou ingame imiss OlmBaby
  22. Woo, this seems like a great update! Fantastic work as usual, Matt.
  23. Good evening, Veldaharians! Todays batch of updates brings some fixes and some qol additions. I am currently working on the next update which will bring new content for you all to enjoy. Get ready for that! Hope you all have a great weekend, a mystery box giveaway is live on our discord until tomorrow so make sure to check that out! Game Changes: You should no longer be 'in combat' with an npc before he actually hits you. Cutting webs in wilderness will no longer make you unable to move. Random events have been disabled at Zalcano. Random events will now be triggered alot less frequently. Infernal eel can now be caught again. Server time has now been changed to GMT+2. The map issues throughout the world has now been sorted. The ugly white treetops have been sorted. All longsword animations have now been sorted and will not glitch you out. Item sprites of fish will now be visible above the fishing spots for new players to easily find them. The client will now send 'fake' xp drops if you are above 200M xp in that skill. Crossbow ammo limitation has been sorted and can now fire the correct bolts. Game timers will now add on for each farming patch and each birdhouse as well. Skeletal mystics and tekton's defence has been lowered slightly. Verzik should no longer spawn spiders as frequent. The latest of oldschool data has been packed and expect to see some new content coming in the near future!
  24. Buying all vote tickets 400K PM me in game. Number 1
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