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    • Carbz#0123 is my discord, pleaase invite me ASAP!!!! if anybody gets a chance to read this, I do agree about what you are saaying, but remove super mboxes, not normal mboxes, and also add different xp rates, and the lower you are the more rewarding it is to motivate players further, but please invite me to the discord Carbz #0123 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE also i'm a youtuber and will be making videos to help improve the server as much as i can possible
    • There is maybe a couple things I can get behind here. I believe we should have separate exp rates. As in modes for all. Some people like the OS mode but why not have more options expanding on that. I could get behind that idea, however lowering the rates for everyone is only gonna move people away as some people like a little bit of control when it comes to there own experience. As for the other updates, youtubers would be nice however I don't see them increasing the population on a server that is very very lacking on updates. Most servers are already pushing out hydras and what not and we can't even get raids 2. There needs to be a crap ton of bug fixes and general gameplay updates before we start worrying about ranks in game and donator store items. I personally opened 3 super mboxes and got nothing but random mats. So personally I don't see how these boxes are that op. However bringing back a cash grab like the well wouldn't be a bad idea, but making it less OP.   All in all I just feel like there is a lot more we need to work on then the mentioned things above.
    • I love osv and have since I started almost 4 years ago now. It is sad to see more times than not, that you may be the only player online for hours. I just feel if they really wanted to make a change it would’ve been done by now, rather than let a server sit and rot. Same problems as it has always been: lack of adverts, YouTube BS, lack of content and updates/patches, and the sketchy weird attacks that we get hit with.  Not to be mean or anything but the cost for adverts should be nothing in comparison to the amount this server has grossed. It doesn’t take much effort to reach out to an artist to create a proper banner for adverts. From there on it’s not hard to buy advert space online.      Edit: Many many players have suggested many updates fixes etc. this post is a prime example. But I do not think any of these posts have successfully made any real changes, or even provoked any serious effort towards improvement. If anything they divide the community by personal opinion, they give false sense of progress, and bring out only the worst of OSV. Like there are issues that have been present since my first day of playing. 100% known issues that just have been ignored. Most are tolerable, but that doesn’t reflect well. 
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