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    • Nice Updates Matt! Keep going!   
    • very much supprted,   i hope u getting be a stafmember,we need an active person and that is u for certain
    • Thanks alot, Appreciate it!
    • Username: Lovergirl11
      Time online (screenshot): Cant Screenshot my Time online due to it being reset Twice " But I have over 60 days " "Travis and Other's can vouch for this"
      Timezone: Eastern Standard Time  "Canada Land"
      What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?:
      1. Maturity:    This one is big personally I believe this plays a big role into picking Staff due to the fact that if you aren't Mature it could turn into a massive mess.
      2. Communication:    Having good Communication skills is key especially when dealing with players and other staff member you don't want to mislead anyone.
      3. Transparency:    Nobody likes a Member of Staff that they can't trust it can cause a lot of un needed problems so being Transparent about everything is a plus.
      4. Activity:    Being ACTIVE is I believe one of the most important qualities you can possess being there to help is what we are signing up for.
      5. Helpful:    Being HELPFUL is a MAJOR part of getting this role, Just because now that I have staff rank does mean I can stop HELPING others I personally want the position to keep helping people.
      How many hours can you play a day: 
      - I can play As much as needed even after this "Corona Virus" is over. Normally I'm on anywhere from 8-12 hours
      Previous Experience: 
      - I have Been Staff on Several servers, Helper, Moderator, Admin, And a Community Manager. I have also Been a Developer on Several Projects.
      Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum):
      - I Believe I would be a good fit on this team as I get along with most of the staff team already I am Teaming my GIM with All the Staff on the server we have good
      Communication already and I know the server like the back of my hand I know pretty much everything there is to know about all gamemodes other then UIM I know some,
      I know locations of almost all npcs. I know some tips and tricks for new players and even old. I have always done my best with helping people out when they needed it.
      I believe I have a good relationship with most of the players in this server I haven't even been in trouble with the server I have been playing since 2015 and quite Frankly,
      OSV is HOME to me and I would be honored to Keep it going strong and being part of this amazing Staff team.
      Are there any issues we should know about?:
      - I Know I'm bound to have some hater's out there but tbh I can't recall any but I would just like to say to them that this isn't a personally issue this is based off if I 
      am a helpful player and know the game.   Thanks for taking the time to read and please leave any comments i would love to hear everyone's Opinions.
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    • MF_

      1. impatiently waiting for that halloween event. x)
      2. love and miss you all. i hope to see more of everyone soon once we have nightmare in the game, seems like thats not far away either. <3

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    • MF_

      hello hey hi heyllo everyone, hope everybody is doin' good and being being safe with all this crazy shit going on. love and miss all of you <3
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    • MF_

      Today was a great day for me on the server all because I got promoted to moderator. So happy to be able to help my community in any way that is needed. Thank you all  for your support, it means the world to me.
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    • MF_

      hello hey hi heyllo
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    • s0nic goldd

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