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NOTE: Ironmen ranks can NOT donate for super mystery boxes!

This page allows you to make donations for an item or donator status
You can send a donation with via Paypal.

By donating anything towards OS-Veldahar, you agree to our Terms Of Service.

If you don't have Paypal simply click 'I don't have a paypal account' on the paypal page.

Using a tradable scroll will count towards your total donated statistic like anything else.
You can obtain the donator ranks as well by getting your total donated statistic to a certain amount where it will automatically upgrade your account.

Contributor - 10$ Minimum
Sponsor - 30$ Minimum
Supporter - 75$ Minimum
V.I.P - 150$ Minimum
Super V.I.P - 300$ Minimum
Mega V.I.P - 500$ Minimum
Legendary - 1000$ Minimum

All Items

20x Donator Points
45x Donator Points
70x Donator Points
125x Donator Points
200x Donator Points
275x Donator Points
430x Donator Points
750x Donator Points
1x Mystery Box
3x Mystery Box
5x Mystery Box
1x Super Mystery Box
3x Super Mystery Box
5x Super Mystery Box
1x Contributor Scroll
1x Sponsor Scroll
1x Supporter Scroll
1x VIP Scroll
1x Gambler Scroll
50x Mithril Seeds
1x Cow Outfit