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  1. Nerd :D

  2. Merry christmas fellas of OS-V! The christmas event has now been activated ingame, presents have been added to the web store and christmas discounts have been applied. More updates to come shortly, keep an eye up!
  3. Matt,

    As a long time player of your server for over 4 years... This is a great server and could easily have 50 to 100+ daily like it used to.  If someone needs to help run it or funds are an issue, let's make it happen.  There are a lot of veteran players that would love to make this server come alive again.  Can we make it happen??

  4. How does a donation make me obligated to keep people happy. Of course they do it to support, they are as awesome as you can get, and I assume they enjoy playing when doing so. NO-ONE is ever forced to donate. Never has been, never will be. As said, I've stated my situation and that's it.
  5. Applied for update, I understand completely and I missed it when adding the filter. Thanks!
  6. You can go on and on about how I should live and anticipate what's happening in my life, I could not care less. Cause shit, I can not be sick at the same time a friend is in a car crash. Have some fucking respect for once, please. What happens in my life is more important than keeping you guys happy, sorry to say. But that's the truth. You can speculate and all, and on your point of advertisement talking about botted viewers and subs. Although pretty much that whole list consists of botted views and subs. That seems weird by someone who seemingly really knows about this. I've made a thread explaining the situation, so simple as. Take it or leave it. Thanks.
  7. Good day, Veldaharians! Todays batch consists of some fixes and edits mostly! Hope you all enjoy, as most of this week has been for preparation of myth's guild and grotesque guardians. Which should hopefully be done by next update! Game Changes: Vorkath's head each 100kc will now spawn properly. The timer ultimates have while depositing item within the untradable storage has been halved. Corporeal beast droptable has been tweaked. @Park Should now be able to teleport with law runes inside the rune pouch as well. ::skillfilter command has been added, this will disable most "spam" messages you receive while skilling. Did I miss some messages you want to be added in? message me! Suggestion by: @Ampy Salve amulet(ei) has been added to the slayer store for 500 points, this amulet grants 20% bonus with each attack style on undead monsters. Great olm's droptable has been changed significantly in terms of supply drop quantities. Thanks to @Precision Great olm solo timer should now be reset properly, let me know if the problem still persists. Prayer scrolls should now be more common as a drop from Olm. Boots of lightness has been removed from the cosmetic shop. Fixed a null which had to to with Vorkath death not being processed properly. Fixed a null where hunting traps would process without an "owner".
  8. Added a skillfilter command for update tomorrow, thank you for suggesting!
  9. Additional bonus experience was added to the boots, let me know how they feel.
  10. Good evening, Veldaharians! Todays batch does not contain alot, this is due to the fact on how busy I have been. And I know this has been an "excuse" for abit but theres really nothing more to it. For next week however I have done most of the back-end for @Precision's suggestions at And a new boss will appear ingame as well. Hope you all are having a great time and as always, keep reporting in bugs and glitches! Game Changes: Superior dragon bones can now be noted when used on a bank booth. Extended antifire potions can now be noted when used on a bank booth. Ruby bolts special will now always deduct 20% of the npcs hitpoints. A small delay has been added when removing items from your untradable storage to prevent issues. Tab-to-reply now works towards the new ranks as well. Vorkath head is now a guaranteed drop each 100 kc. Auto-vial smashing now saves properly. A couple of POS issues has been tweaked and sorted, let us know if there are some remaining. The bonus of boots of lightness has been adjusted slightly.
  11. 100% Understandable and I appreciate this feedback alot. I've been busy, yes. Unfortunately, but I've done what I can with the time I've had. And will continue doing so, with more updates and less postpones of course. I've spoken to quite afew of the "bigger" youtubers as for advertisements, but as widely known. Alot of them are under contract, or simply do not have time due to the amount of requests they get. There is however some who have schedueled us in, but as everything else. It takes time unfortunately, but is being done. Another developer; I've been looking for another developer for god knows how long, but finding someone who is capable of providing skill and efficiency AND at the same time being 100% trustworthy. Has not really worked out before, but is being looked for as said. Again, I appreciate the feedback and will be working on all of this!
  12. Evening, Veldaharians! Hope you like todays batch of updates. Game Changes: Easter event is no longer active, hope you all enjoyed it! You are now able to empty your rune pouches by holding shift, similar to "shift-dropping". The high damage fire ball at vorkath has been disabled for now. Olm solo timer should now reset properly. You are now able to read the current fastest times for each of the timers we have added. Simply click the info board on the north of edgeville bank wall. -> Raid solo -> Cerberus -> Vorkath -> Zulrah -> Inferno Setting the auto vial smashing on/off will now save when logging out as well. Inferno pillars should now spawn properly after relogging. We're now testing a fix for irons who have not been able to pick up items in instances that they did not own. You should now be able to perform the max cape emote with all max cape variants. Rogue outfit pieces has been lowered to 20 vote tickets. Boots of lightness has been added to the vote shop for 100 vote tickets. The boots when worn boosts your agility experience by 20%. Two new donator ranks has been added; Royal and Divine. $1500 (Royal) -> Includes all perks from lower donator ranks. -> 17%+ Droprate chance. -> Reset a slayer task for 5 slayer points instead of 30. -> Permanently remove a slayer task for 25 slayer points instead of 100. -> Vip experience outside of ::Dz aswell. -> 25% off repairing items -> Higher chance at receiving a clue scroll or crystal key. -> Cheaper buyback whenever retrieving items from Vorkath, Cerberus, etc. (20% cheaper) $2000 (Divine) -> Includes all perks from lower ranks. -> 20%+ Droprate chance. -> Vip experience outside of ::Dz aswell. -> Reset a slayer task for 5 points. -> Permanently remove a slayer task for 10 points. -> 25% off repairing items -> Higher chance at receiving a clue scroll or crystal key. -> Cheaper buyback whenever retrieving items from Vorkath, Cerberus, etc. (40% cheaper) Pest control points now scale dependant on your donator ranks as well; -> Contributor, +1 Points -> Sponsor, +2 Points -> Supporter +3 Points -> Vip +4 Points -> Super Vip +5 Points -> Mega Vip +6 Points -> Legendary +7 Points -> Royal +9 Points -> Divine +10 Points
  13. Congrats on winning the day on March 26

    1. Gtgmrei


      I agree with this

  14. Good evening, Veldaharians! Todays batch includes fixes, additions and the easter event! Hope you all have a great holiday and as always, keep reporting if faulty content and bugs so I can sort them out! Game Changes: Probita store now uses the new shop interface/system and can now hold all pets for you. Untradable storage has been added for ultimate ironmen; To open the storage, simply click on a bank booth. You are able to store only items that are deemed untradable in there. Alch values has been buffed on most raid items. New vorkath droptable has been added! (Excluding the head drop every 50th kill, might be added in the near future) Ultimate ironmen are now able to purchase ring of wealth from the vote store. You are now able to enable auto vial smashing by speaking to the emblem trader in edgeville. You should now be able to note superior dragon bones. Godswords (or) now have their correct level requirement. Ultimate ironmen can now access the donator store. Achievement diary item perks should now work even if you have the pieces within your bank/untradable storage as well. Hardcore ironmen can now purchase ring of wealth from achievement store. Donators now have plenty more skin colors they can choose from. Mega VIP and Legendary donator ranks has been added to the forums. So go request your rank! Super mystery boxes should now announce mega rare table as well. Crystal key chest will now announce fury reward as well. Easter event Evil chickens are attempting to take over edgeville, they are invading every now and then and if defeated they can drop some cosmetics for you. Evil chickens are said to have a special pet as well. Evil chicken cosmetic set is now available at the web store. Webstore discount has been enabled throughout the easter event!
  15. A small batch of QOL and fixes coming up today, more to come the following week; Enjoy. Game Changes: Dwarf multicannon has been sorted and can now be used once again. A message should no longer appear when you died that the laid leader is nowhere to be found. Upgrade kits and dragon cane has been removed from super mystery boxes and rates has been adjusted. Ava's assembler will now save ammo. Kodai wand now has a 15% chance of saving runes on cast. Raids overloads, extended super antifires and sanfew serums can now be mixed. You are now able to use noted grimy herbs on bob barter and he will clean them for you, at a cost of 250gp each. Larupia set have had a boost in catch rate. Alot of backend has been tweaked for stability of the server. More on this later. Spottier cape and fancy tiara has been buffed in vote ticket prices. Max cape now has the same benefit of switching spellbooks in wild 5 times a day. Magic skillcape switch spellbook perk can now be used when right-clicking the cape as well. Clue drops at vorkath should no longer bug out and become invisible. Votes has hopefully been sorted, I have contacted the guy who made the system and he has made an update addressing the issue. So we will see.