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  1. Support. Also get rid of supplies from stores also.
  2. Also cleanse the high scores for banned users please
  3. Also Reset doesn't do any good as the people who generally are playing the even near the richest. and the richer players aren't playing. I doesn't matter what the economy is when changes start to take effect as at the moment there is no economy. The only thing the reset will do is chase away the player who are already struggling to get somewhere in the server now. The server isn't being plagued by borders like it was in the past. Also, the cash economy isn't hurting at all really. I suggest that we make the economy a bit harder to incentive more donations and keep the game much more simple.
  4. Whats going on bro.

  5. +1 support however with the Crystal keys I'll support as long as the drop table for it gets a bit altered. It's not bad now but with the influx of cry keys it could end up influx of d boots and blood money that could devalue the already outdated Doomsayer store.
  6. Suggestion title: Refresh Economy - *Not Reset* Suggestion long description: So we have noticed that the server has barely no no economy. The reason for this I think if because of to much supply and not enough demand. Below I will make suggestions on stores and npcs that I believe that should be changed to increase the influx of player economy. Zeke: • Get rid of the Super Potions, and Brews as well as the magic potion and ranging potion. This will help give the incentive that good herbs should be kept and for potential profit. And will help feed the skill economy. • Get rid of the dragonstone amulet Helmet of Neitiznot Helmet. for obvious reasons. Even Rings of recoil could potential be beneficial to the economy by a slight margin. Aubury: • Get rid of the Mystics in the store to help with PvM economy. • Get rid of the Ancient Staves as they are already a drop and would help feed the economy. • Get rid of Soul, Nature, Blood, and Astrals. This is probably of the more beneficial benefactors of the economy. Because runes are ample in drops but no one really needs to pick them up because they are cheap in the store and are plentiful. This was runecrafting will not have to be as painful of a task because there could be some profit out of it and it could help if rune drops were tweaked a bit to potentially reflect this. Horvik: • Get rid of the Rune Armour in the store. This will help newer players rely of the economy for items and as higher leveled players rune is abundant also so it will not cause a price change by much but it will help with wealth transfer and give incentive to PvM worse creatures for certain items Also • Get rid of Dragon scimitar and battle axe. We know that the Scimitar will be a hot item to sell because players covet this for early PvMing and getting a whip even now is challenging. This will definitely help the economy. Lowe: • Your could replace the Ava's Accumulator with the Attractor and make the Accumulator a reward in PC. This way players will be pushed to PC and it'll also give the item a bump in the economy if it is tradeable. Remove red d'hide and black d'hide from the stores. Will also help with the crafting economy as well. • Get rid of rune Crossbow. Obvious reasons. But will allow trade and not store buy These will adjusting the quantity of items in PvM will help considerably to push the economy. And also will push newer players to continue to play as they would see very quickly how they are impacting the economy and also better ways of balancing the economy first. As we all know the older players would benefit the most from this probably but as it is right now there is already a divide between the rich and the power and skilling and pvming (unless its bosses) dont help at all. This will atleast give low to mid level skilling and training. and if considerably help with high level skilling. Suggestion additional information: Please provide feedback and not just support and not support. If you truly care about the server and its economy this can in mo way hurt it.
  7. how many submissions per user are allowed?
  8. I never saw in the post where he was telling you how to live @Matt. Also its nothing to do with have respect. Respect for once would be "you" coming before your community and letting us know before the other staff of things that you would like to speak of. that would be the literal term of respect. I will play neutral but lets not hash this into a "respect" thing. Also, donations here is a cloak is a form of micro-transaction. this isn't kick-starter with a common goal plan. this is support funneled "donations" with direct incentives that are game altering. i.e. super mystery boxes etc. This is a transaction because of a clear transfer of value. Stop with the semantics. I "respect" your need for space but lets not falter of the path of petty word shadowing and embellished behavior from questions or theories that seem very just and fair.. oh and respectful