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    ..so him telling ISIS to hold the nuts of the US while we face fuck the shit out of them with Bombs


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  1. THis is my former account that I no longer have the email too


  2. One thing I've talked to players about in the past is the idea of re-adding the sigil drops to vetion. People always seem to dislike it because it's not in-line with osrs, but I feel as this is something that could actually help to revive wilderness activity. To go along with this I would also make vetion safespottable again, in order to truly drive home that people should go here to camp the boss. I'm not saying we should take corp out of the game, but make vetion more viable to kill it. That way people are not forced into the wilderness to get the sigils. I would propose them being atleast 1.5x as rare from vetion as corp, because of being able to safespot it. Unfortunately there are not a lot of "old pkers" on the server anymore, mostly everyone who plays pvms. But I recall when I first joined the server, Vetion was the pking hotspot. Ofcourse some places were active, but Vetion was where a good 90% of the action took place. The only downside is, at this point in the game, I dont think it will work, but with a fresh server of 80+ people I firmly believe that this would help to improve the experience of people who wish to pk, so long as there's more of a reason to kill vetion than there is to kill the regular corp beast. Just realizing this now but it also doesn't have to be vetion, it could be any number of other boss monsters, it could even just be a second corp beast with half the health or that deals much less damage, whilst being in the wilderness above level 30 wild.