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  1. do you mind adding me on discord and personally send me a discord link? every link i get is invalid Carbz#0123


    1. vuurvlam


      hi i have send park a message for u to contact him

      i have tryed to send u and anvitation for discord but it says ur name is incorrect i have also asked park to pick this up,hope it will work

    2. iron Carbz

      iron Carbz

      ok thanks bro, ill recheck my discord, it's correct Carbz#0123 (u need the capital letter)




  2. travis,why u say staf give up,that isnt true, Halp,insta and park are reg.online there need to be done alot thats true,we have a base of old players and there are also new players who play,only thing is that the amount who is online not high is...
  3. thanks for ur good and honestly words chopin,i think this is totally true….. i do fully support this thread,although if there will come another reset if that needs to be done i will be gone and will not play anymore after 3 resets i have seen it all,but true as be said this server have potential. i hope matt that u really listen to what has been said here.... how hard it is for u,i think its the best option
  4. wow thats alot off shit,wish u all the best with the things u have to deal with irl,and thats more important than playing here its a bad thing when u logged in u get hate,thats not the thing u were waiting for ….. come and play when u feel u have to and for the rest i wish u alot off luck take care buddy
  5. u have spoken well rena,i think these words r in alot off minds. in my mind yes thats for sure, this morning there were 4 players online same as the last days for reset.....is this were its gonna end again? i keep playing cause i will finish my road but do i made it...??? come on lets do this all together,matt do what u have promised before the reset make this server great again and not for a month
  6. like this suggestion, but don't like the idea that u have to offer the 4 capes
    1. vuurvlam


      yessssss:D gratzzzz buddy,ben je de 1e reg die deze pet heeft?stuur dan dan alby toe kan die hem gelijk in de lijst zetten


  7. gratz conor u did a good shot boy and girl wauw gratz daddy conor
  8. My inactivity.

    make the choice what fits u the most,irl things goes for the game its more important that u have a good feeing about it. ur work is ur future and ur mum and her sickness is more important, take care of urself and take the time
  9. take care of urself and take ur time myth
  10. welcome back to the team wengs,happy to see that
  11. sad to see u go gnome,thnx for all ur help, good luck with what ur going to