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  1. I love osv and have since I started almost 4 years ago now. It is sad to see more times than not, that you may be the only player online for hours. I just feel if they really wanted to make a change it would’ve been done by now, rather than let a server sit and rot. Same problems as it has always been: lack of adverts, YouTube BS, lack of content and updates/patches, and the sketchy weird attacks that we get hit with. Not to be mean or anything but the cost for adverts should be nothing in comparison to the amount this server has grossed. It doesn’t take much effort to reach out to an artist to create a proper banner for adverts. From there on it’s not hard to buy advert space online. Edit: Many many players have suggested many updates fixes etc. this post is a prime example. But I do not think any of these posts have successfully made any real changes, or even provoked any serious effort towards improvement. If anything they divide the community by personal opinion, they give false sense of progress, and bring out only the worst of OSV. Like there are issues that have been present since my first day of playing. 100% known issues that just have been ignored. Most are tolerable, but that doesn’t reflect well.
  2. Valiant, but I do not think anything will change. Its been way to long to be relevant anymore. Too many things were left to go to shit, and quite frankly it is obvious that it is not worth the effort, concern, or even motive to change. Staff gave up, and the server turned into a passive money pot. simple. I always wish the best for OSV but the server is way past its time, at the least it is running.
  3. I do not believe it’s been fixed.
  4. I agree, another thing that may be potentially helpful for the future but would take some real resources would simply be updating our code. From my understanding osv runs on an older format and this requires very specific developers. The reality of it is that it’s a heavily modified source. I would be willing to help with anything if we were to pursue a change like the one above. Honestly wouldn’t mind seeing something new, all while still keeping it real to osv. Change is good and all we can do is hope.
  5. Honest post... I support. i love osv and have been part of the community for years and it is sad to see once again the reality that we are facing. I would love to see change to the server, while keeping the integrity of being os based. I agree that something needs to change, and it may be faith but I’m not fully on board with transferring ownership. However, I do think that some thing needs to change. We need a dedicated Dev team, real adverts, and much much more. This server has potential, even if many think it has passed. I do not want to see another reset, it’s never a proper answer or solution to a problem related to lack of content and activity. I haven’t been that active lately due to poor internet, And logging in today wasjust sad. I honestly believe the smaller things make a larger impact on the perception of the new and old players. One thing that changed remarkably after Matt became owner was simply the community integrity. What happened to respecting other players? Back in 2015 when I was staff it was a tad annoying with people complaining about hurt feelings and greed etc, but it kept an order to the server and Made the community friendlier. Things were more strict for a lack of a better term, not saying we need to rehaul and exterminate the toxicity, but we should at least try and clean it up. Countless times I’ve seen new players join and play for a week or two maybe a month, and ultimately turn away due to toxicity within the community. We have also seen this due to lack of activity and content. I understand the difficulties that come with running a server and I give a sincere props to all the work that has been done. I would just like to see something change; at the least fixing minute things and adding some qol. I hope this thread is taken seriously and a change comes about.
  6. Support! Honestly have wondered why the wogw has been actively disabled for this long.
  7. Benefit of the doubt; I really hope things can improve and the sever can stay alive. It’s hard to see any reason to continue a server with this low of player count and lack of content or maintenance. I hope optimistically.
  8. Damn! Congrats chase. What an accomplishment! Good luck on the future of your account and your next goals. Get some fresh air man :P.
  9. Questions

    Thanks for answering these questions. Sad to see what is going on with the server. Left for finals and then took a vacation. hopefully this will all be sorted soon.
  10. Defiance Intro

    Welcome to the server man, looking forward to the progress!
  11. Looking good! Love the fixes and update.