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  1. I've been keeping an eye on the server from a far, waiting for the day we'd get a post from either @Matt or @Park on whats going on. I also know they server has had a few resets in the past which hurts the longevity of the game but as we all know they were needed. Not trying to be an asshole or anything but just from what I'm seeing the people in charge of this server have lost faith which is rather said but at the same time completely understandable. I remember seeing a whole bunch of people who would do anything to see the server succeed but have gotten fed up and have done some stupid ass shit which I do feel should be forgiven as they players were the backbone of the server. @Dark did some shady shit and all but was always online helping new and older players and just wanted the server to succeed. @Setup Not sure what happened to you but I've noticed that you also do deeply care about the server and wanted nothing more then it to become what it used to. @Insta Was a big part of why osv was a good server. youtube videos helped bring some people in and all around a good guy.. I know that you recently had twins and have such moved back to real runescape aswell. @Chase May have not been the easiest guy to get along with, may have been a little bit of an ass if I'm honest, also did some stupid shit to get banned which was hard to believe as you didn't come off as a guy like that but none the less cared deeply about the server and wanted to help and see it grow. These are just a few of the many people that I've noticed that really gave a rats ass about the server and should be brought back in somehow to help bring life back to Osv. Not saying they should be given a Staff position but should have some sort of direct contact with @Matt and @Park and their ideas should be taken serious. Now @Matt and @Park I know you both have read countless threads and suggestions from many people to revive the server some may come off as harsh but others simply wanting osv to become more. I am by no means trying to hurt you're feelings or to come off as an asshole but something really does need to change. I do feel that the server should be reset but things should be put into place to allow the server to maintain its life for much longer some ideas are as follow; Get rid of the last 2 donor ranks, Divine and whatever it is (been awhile since I've actively played" these 2 ranks are honestly uncalled for and are super op. Get rid of all the mystery boxes, yes they may be something cool but all they do is bring too many good items into the game essentially killing the economy. Lower the exp rates, yes this is a private server we play it to level up fast and so on and so fourth, but for most people they get bored after maxing there for they quit and never come back. Fix up donor zone. Having a donor zone is always nice and its a little gift for us supporting the server but the current donor zone is boring. Make donor zones for each rank say $10 donor has the bare minimum zone, while Legendary has the Angler fishing spot, gem mines etc. (I couldn't think of the best wording for this but hopefully you get the point) Youtubers, easier then it sounds but there are plenty out there and Osv needs a group of our own youtubers who solely promote the server. jJust to name a few ideas, if you're interested get in contact with me via forums and I can also go throughout the suggestion part of forums and pick out ones I feel would benefit the server and go from there. Remember to always eat pizza!