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  1. THis is my former account that I no longer have the email too


  2. https://gyazo.com/554fae75f973970bf7d8101b05a6cebf
  3. Suggestion title: Raids Changes Suggestion long description: Change Raids loot table by decreasing the amount of skilling supplies given by a solid 75%. Because Raids is the most efficient way to get pure essence, herbs, rune arrows, dragon arrows, ores, the list goes on. IT should ABSOLUTELY NOT be the best way to get skilling items because almost all of the items it drops are highly coveted. Suggestion additional information: I also suggest adding the raids only super restore and saradomin brew potions to the raids store. Only allow them to work in raids. Thanks for looking at my suggestion - Gtg
  4. Changes to the Drop tables of A LOT of monsters. 1. Abyssal Demons - Reduce Very rare to 1/2500, And put the Abyssal head in there with it. Makes whips 1/256. 2. Zamorak Minions - Increase zammy spear to 1/512. 3. Zamorak Boss (Kril Tsutaroth) - Reduce very rare to 1/128, Change SOTD to Very rare Drop table. 4. Cave Kraken - Make rare drop table 1/128 (Trident) 5. Armadyl Minions - Increase Very rare (Armor pieces) to 1/512 6. Kree Arra (Armadyl) - Decrease Very Rare to 1/128 , decrease rare to 1/64 7. General Graardor - Decrease Very rare to 1/128 - decrease rare to 1/64 8. Kalphite Queen - Remove Dmed and Magic Seeds from Rare, Reduce to 1/64 9. KBD - Reduce Very Rare (DFS) to 1/750, reduce Rare to 1/128 10. Kraken - Make Rare 1/180 Put Kraken Tentacle and Trident on rare, Increase Very rare to 1/1000, keep jar in very rare 11. Zulrah - Decrease rare to 1/150 Wilderness Boss Suggestion: Purposely Put in safespots for players to actually want to go to them, there is currently very little reason as they are all demonstrably harder than regular bosses, and do not offer as much of a reward. Sorry I'm not posting with the format. These drop tables will appeal to newer players as they are easier and much more in-line with Actual OSRS drop rates.
  5. Support, honestly wouldn't even mind if there was a flat 50m cost to it. Blood money not a bad idea either, could probably just put it directly into the imbue shop if it were bm. Nice suggestion.
  6. Requirements/Guidelines 75 Postcount minimum. (Not set in stone, but a good amount of forum time is a must) (peep my old account/ other account on forums) Minimal amount of offences/rules broken. Display of good English Grammar. Ability to answer most, if not all questions regarding the server. No less than 5760 minutes recorded in-game time for Helper applications. Application Template - In Game Helper Username: Gtgmrei/Obiwan Time online (screenshot): I cba most of u guys know me Timezone: EST What do you think are five important qualities a Staff member should possess and demonstrate?: Itelligence, Maturity, Wisdom, Sympathy, Confidence How many hours can you play a day: More than one hour Previous Experience: None Why do you think you'll be suitable for this position?(1 paragraph minimum): I think that I would be suitable for this position because I have played the game for a solid 4 years and know the ins and outs of it. I have been a part of the community and have loved to stir up activity as much as I can. This server feels like home to me, and has given me a great deal of satisfaction. I would love to be able to do something for it. I also plan to play for more than a couple of hours a day so there's more time where a staff member is online. Are there any issues we should know about?: Not that I can think of.